How much an interior designer charge

Everyone wants to get the house or any other space designed by professional, but many times a question arise in our mind that How much an interior designer charge. Actually there is no fixed parameters for interior designers that they have to charge this amount for that particular work. It can be vary according to designer experience,site condition,site requirement,budget & lot of other things. so how can we calculate the interior designer fees that is the main question.Interior designers exercise a different ways to figure out their prices. Some take into project size while others charge a commission percentage on the total cost,Some designers take the lump sum amount,While others take per square feet Charge. Regardless, being informed of the options is a good place to start.

There are several important factors which can guide you how interior designer charge their fees. So lets discuss about all the factors

Interior design requirements

Basic or first important question is that What is your requirements,means scope of work for an interior designer.Are you looking only for living room design or whole house design.Do you just want to decorate any particular area or want to design your kitchen & wash rooms. so you have to be very clear before hiring an interior designer. Because clear and realistic of what can be taken on is key in narrowing in on the interior design price since there are varying levels of complexity and expertise required.Interior designer is like a doctor for you,if you do not clear the illness to your doctor,he would not be able to give you medicines.

Interior design Budget

Budget is a major part of Interior design. If you are not clear with your budget then it will be difficult for designer to design your space.Projects are depend upon budgets given. Make a list of what is needed and desired for your area and prioritize. This lets you know what portion of your budget is allotted to what design element.

Interior designer price list

Charge Type Costing in Rupees Average Cost
One time Site Visit Consultation 2500 rs. – 10000 rs. 4000/-
Per Square foot Charges 50 rs. – 300 rs. 100/-
Per Room design Charges 8000 rs. – 30000 rs. 15000/-
Percentage of Interior Cost 8% – 25% 15%
3 bhk Lump Sum Charges 40000 rs.-100000 rs. 60,000/-
4 bhk Lump sum charges 60,000 rs.- 150000 rs. 85,000/-
Commercial Area design 5%-15% 22%
Hospitality Area design 10%-25% 20%



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