Wall and Floor Tiles for Homes

Though marble, oak, stone, and granite are common as flooring materials, the many types of tiles in India dominate the market. Porcelain is particularly common with vitrified tiles. In the country, we usually sweep, clean, and wash floors a lot. Tiles are, of course, the safest option, since they are either porous and do not need replacement from time to time. Regardless of whether you intend to refurbish or build a new house, it can also be difficult to choose flooring tiles. You can have to visit retailers many times to take advantage of the different choices. You should ultimately let an authority make a decision. So, for our ease, we have prepared a list of the best walls and floor tiles for your home.

Here is a quick walkthrough of the different types of tiles in India and how to make the right pick.

Different types of Walls and Floor Tiles

1.   Ceramic Tiles the best for walls and floor

These are some of India’s first kinds of floor and wall tiles when you think of tiles. They come with different models and concepts, made with clay and baked at high temperatures. Some of them are matt, others are glazed. Ceramic tiles should be at the top of the list when searching for a suitable tiling alternative. Experts working on various varieties of ceramic tiles in India propose that they be used for walls, but not for floors with high footprints. They are slick and harmful to children and the elderly. They get too cold under the feet during Indian winters.

Ceramic tiles are the best for walls and floor
Ceramic tiles are the best for walls and floor

2.   Vitrified Tiles – popular tiles for walls and floor

The vitrified tile is far more than clay but is identical to ceramic tiles. Adding feldspar, silica, and quartz to make solid, lasting, and non-porous vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles have many advantages. It is fine as a floor in places where heavy foot traffic including kitchen, bathroom, and dining room can be observed. Householders use them in the open, so they are immune to freezing and water. Thus, they are a good option for the walls and floor.

Vitrified Tiles

3. Mosaic Tiles for walls and floor

In mansions and old buildings in India mosaic tiles can be used for walls and floors. They are associated with kingdom and abundance. They are not great although for homes with many members; mosaic tiles need a lot of upkeep too. Another issue with tiles from mosaics is that they appear to fade away and render the whole site look shabby if not well preserved. So it is smart to use these where not a lot of foot traffic is present. This is going to make them live longer.

Mosaic Tiles

4. Marble Tiles Are Luxurious tiles

Marble has these beautiful designs and patterns, which are mystical and graceful, as a substance that is real. The marble speaks for itself when used in floor tile styles in India, and nothing else you like. Your home would start to look luxurious without effort. The quarters and living rooms are fine. Please take care of the durability of your marble tiles during the construction and later on.

Marble tiles are the new class

5. Natural Stone Tiles

Though natural stone tiles are available in many colors and designs, the choices or possibly the colors of the walls are still free. This is the best choice for those who want the earthy feeling of their home.

Natural Stone Tiles


So, these were the beautiful walls and floor tiles for your home. You can pick the one according to your choice. Which one do you like the most? Please tell us in the comment box below and contact us for more information.

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