Paint Color For Living Room

The living room is often considered the heart of a home—a space where families gather, guests are entertained, and relaxation takes center stage. When it comes to decorating your living room, one of the most crucial decisions is selecting the right paint color. The color you choose can significantly impact the ambiance, mood, and overall aesthetic of the space. Here, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect paint color for living room. By choosing the right living room paint colors, you can make your living room walls pop with bright colors.

The right paint color can completely transform the atmosphere of your living room, creating a space that is cozy, inviting, and reflects your personal style. With a multitude of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect paint color. In this article, we will delve into the world of paint colors for living rooms, exploring popular choices, factors to consider, and tips for creating a harmonious and inspiring living space. Whether you prefer neutral hues, bold statements, or soothing tones, this guide will assist you in selecting the ideal paint color for living room.

Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Living Room

Consider the Mood:

Before you dive into paint swatches, think about the mood you want to create in your living room. Do you envision a cozy and intimate space, a vibrant and energetic room, or a serene and tranquil atmosphere? Different colors evoke different emotions. For example:

Neutral tones like beige, gray, and soft whites create a calm and timeless backdrop, allowing you to easily incorporate various decor styles.

Warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows can add energy and intimacy, making your space feel inviting and comfortable.

Cool colors such as blues, greens, and purples create a sense of serenity and can visually expand the room.

Consider the Lighting:

Natural and artificial lighting play a significant role in how paint colors appear. Always test paint samples under the actual lighting conditions of your living room. A color that looks perfect in a store might appear completely different in your home’s lighting. Keep in mind that north-facing rooms often receive cooler light, while south-facing rooms get warmer light.

Match With Furniture:

Matching the paint on your walls to the color of your furniture is a wonderful option for a dramatic, monochromatic effect if you want to paint your living room but are having trouble choosing the correct hue.

Take a look at your living room’s existing furniture, artwork, and decor elements. The paint color you choose should complement these items rather than clash with them. For a classic look, choose paint colors that will match colors in your furniture, such as navy blue and hunter green for your living room. If you have bold or colorful furniture, a neutral wall color might work best. On the other hand, if your decor is more subdued, a bolder paint color could add personality to the room.

paint color for living room

Create Visual Interest:

Consider using an accent wall to create visual interest and depth. An accent wall is a single wall painted in a different color or finish than the rest of the room. This technique can add drama and focal points to your living space without overwhelming the entire room.

Bold and Vibrant:

If you’re looking best paint color for living room, consider bold and vibrant colors like deep blues, rich greens, or even a daring red. These colors can add energy and personality to your living room, but be mindful of using them in moderation. Bold blue is a popular choice for best living room paint colors, creating a timeless, classic look with the right accent color. Bold colors work best as accent walls or in combination with neutrals to balance the visual impact.

Infuse your living room with a pop of color by incorporating an accent wall in an unexpected hue or pattern for a bold living room paint ideas.

paint color for living room

Create A Sky Blue Color Scheme:

Imagine walking into your living room and feeling as if you’ve stepped into a serene oasis of calmness and tranquility. The key to achieving this ambience lies in the colors you choose, and sky blue is a hue that holds the power to transport you to open skies and peaceful horizons. By embracing the gentle charm of sky blue, you can craft a living room that reflects the ethereal beauty of a clear day, bringing a breath of fresh air into your home’s heart.

Sample and Test:

Never underestimate the power of paint samples. Most paint stores offer small sample sizes of their colors. Paint a few large swatches on your walls and observe how they look throughout the day, under different lighting conditions. This will help you make an informed decision about the final color.

Work With White Paint:

White is also an ideal choice when planning small living room ideas. It is a wholly selfless paint shade, providing all the light and energy while reflecting the attention elsewhere – and white living rooms are incredibly easy to switch up. When working with white, choose paint colors for your living room that bring out the best of the natural light streaming into the space. To get the most out of your decorating plan, work with white walls and then accentuate the space with bolder paint color for living room.

paint color for living room

Keep it Cohesive:

If your living room flows into other spaces, consider how the paint color will interact with those areas. Maintaining a cohesive color palette throughout your home can create a sense of unity and continuity.

Pick A Deep, Earthy Tone: Elevate Your Living Room with Natural Warmth

In the realm of interior design, color is a brushstroke that paints the mood and character of a space. As you stand on the threshold of transforming your living room, consider the allure of deep, earthy tones. These colors, drawn from the rich palette of nature itself, have the remarkable ability to infuse your living room with a sense of warm neutrals, grounding, and sophistication.

Don’t Rush the Decision:

Choosing a paint color is not a decision to be made hastily. Take your time to research, gather inspiration, and test samples. Consider seeking advice from professional interior designer if you’re unsure about your choices.


Choosing the best paint colors for living room can transform the entire look and feel of the space. Consider the size, lighting, your personal style, and existing furniture and decor to guide your decision-making process. Whether you opt for soothing neutrals, vibrant accents, or anything in between, remember that the most important thing is to choose a color that resonates with you and creates a warm and inviting living room that you and your loved ones will enjoy.

There seems to be a lot of discussion about whether gypsum is the false ceiling material or whether POP is the clear winner in terms of false ceilings. Let’s figure out, if it is Gypsum or Pop, what alternative is better. There are a lot of assumptions regarding the primary material to be used for false ceilings. These are necessary aspects in building homes and guarantee visual appeal elegance in every space while preventing extreme cold, heat, and ambient noise. Popular materials for secondary ceilings include wooden false ceilings, glass false ceilings, metal frame false ceilings, PVC false ceilings, and smooth finish wooden ceilings. Wooden false ceilings add a warm and natural look to a space, while glass false ceilings add elegance and modernity. Metal frame false ceilings provide durability and strength, and PVC false ceilings are lightweight and cost-effective. Smooth finish wooden ceilings give a clean and polished appearance. These materials are commonly used in various design styles and can enhance the aesthetics of any space. They are also helpful in the careful disguise and dissimulation of electrical cables and wires. However, it is worth mentioning the stability of a falling ceiling as the material option is largely the same.

Which is the best false ceiling material? Gypsum Board or POP Filling

The debate for the false ceiling material is not new. If you are planning for a home interior then you should have also thought about the false ceiling. But the question for the best false ceiling material remains the same. For a clear understanding, firstly you need to understand the difference between the two.

Gypsum Board

Gypsum boards are industrial-made Calcium Sulphate Panels used for false ceilings, also known as plasterboards. They are hydrated. Gypsum boards are available in thicknesses of 9, 12, and 15 mm. The sizes are easily installed. Thus, mounted on a metal plate supported on the ceiling. Gypsum boards are used in office interior spaces for false ceilings and as wall panels.

– Gypsum board is widely used for false ceilings due to its excellent fire resistance and durability.

– It is cost-effective and easily available in the market.

– Gypsum board is available in various sizes and can be easily cut and installed to fit the desired space.

– It provides a smooth and even finish, making it suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

– gypsum ceilings can also be easily painted or textured to match the overall interior design.

Plaster of Paris (POP)

Plaster of Paris (POP), is mostly dehydrated or powdered gypsum or calcium sulphate. Water combines with a dry powder to solidify and form the Plaster of Paris. The compound begins to set in approximately 10 minutes and solidifies to achieve strength and stiffness in the form of interlocking crystals. The paste is applied on a chicken mesh, moulded to the required shape, and dried until it is hard enough. POP ceilings are smooth, mouldable, and fit perfectly into unpopular places.

– Plaster of Paris (POP) filling is a traditional and widely used material for false ceilings.

– It offers a smooth and seamless finish, making it ideal for creating intricate designs and patterns.

– POP filling is relatively more time-consuming and requires skilled labor for installation.

– It is generally more expensive than gypsum board.

– pop false ceilings may require regular maintenance and repair, as they can be more prone to cracking and chipping over time.

Ultimately, the best choice between gypsum false ceilings and pop false ceilings depends on individual preferences, project requirements, and budget constraints. It is advisable to consult with a professional contractor or interior designer to determine the most suitable option for your specific needs.

Key differences of using Gypsum Board and POP for the false ceiling

Parameter Gypsum POP
1 Cost Firstly, Gypsum is expensive than POP. POP is 25% cheaper than gypsum boards.
2 Material Wastage They are of standard sizes and hence the material wastage is quite high. Wastage is less as you can mix only the desired amount
3 Life Expectancy It lasts for years. Life expectancy is high.
4 Finishing It needs POP slurry to fill joints. Seamless joints and high-quality finishings.
5 Installation time It requires less time for installation as they come in standard size. Thus making itself a feasible best false ceiling. The installation for POP is time-consuming as it is a laborious task.
6 Mouldability Also, gypsum boards cannot be moulded because of the standard sizes. This is also one of the major drawbacks of the Gypsum false ceiling. Can be given the desired shape of any kind.


Both gypsum board and POP filling have their unique advantages and considerations when choosing the best false ceiling designs material. Gypsum board offers fire resistance, durability, easy installation, and versatility. On the other hand, POP filling provides customizable designs and aesthetic appeal, but requires more maintenance. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your preferences, budget, and the specific requirements of your space. It is recommended to consult with professionals to make an informed decision and create a stunning false ceiling that meets your expectations.

Everyone wants the interior of their home to be the best but Interior design pricing is the main concern for the clients. Most of the time their first question is only this “How much will be the expenditure on interior designing?“. So today we are going to explain things related to the Site budget or project budget and the home interior design packages.


The price is the first concern for the interior design. Therefore, everyone needs to check for the approx pricing of interior design packages.
Residential Interior design

So in this blog, We will mention all the details related to home interior design packages. In residential projects, we have different categories like Apartment, Independent house, Villa & bungalow, etc. Therefore, the interior designing pricing varies according to the different categories.

Interior designer pricing packages for Apartments

For the pricing of 2 bhk, 3 bhk & 4 bhk Apartment, the designing fees includes all drawings related to particular space like Layout Plan, False ceiling plan, Electrical plan, Wall designs, Wardrobe design, LCD unit design, Door design, etc.

There are so many materials used in interior design. So we also help to select materials like Ply board, Laminates, Veneers, Designer Sheets, Hardware, Paint Selection, Furniture selection, Curtain Selection, Wall art Selection, Wallpapers Selection, Lighting Selection, etc. We also help our clients to find a suitable contractor for a particular job like Carpentry work, Tiles work, Paintwork, Electrical Work, Ceiling Work, Plumbing work, Civil work, Glass Work, etc.

Interior designing fees for different Categories of Apartments. There is no fixed price for Interior design service fees. Interior Design Pricing Packages for smaller projects are often much more manageable and affordable than a full-scale interior design project. Interior Design Pricing Packages for different Apartments vary greatly and can range from a flat fee to an hourly rate. The total cost of our Interior Design Pricing Packages will vary depending on the scope of the project, but usually falls within an average cost range. Every design firm has its own fee structure. Thus, we can not tell you about what others charge. We offer Interior Design Pricing Packages that provide a range of design ideas and furniture layouts to suit your home’s unique style and space. Our experienced designer offers comprehensive Interior Design Pricing Packages, including competitive fees, to provide clients with exceptional interior design services tailored to their specific needs and budgets. So here is the price list of What we charge for the interior design consultancy.

Interior design fee Structure – 2 bhk Apartment

Particular Total area Amount
1. 2 bhk Apartment Total Covered Area 25,000/-
2. 2 bhk Apartment Excluding Kitchen & Wash rooms 15,000/-
3. 2 bhk Apartment Only decoration 5000/-
4. 2 bhk Apartment Single Room design 6000/-
5. 2 bhk Apartment Drawing & Dinning area design 8000/-
2 bhk Standard Price List (Design Space)


Interior design fee Structure – 3 bhk Apartment

Particular Total Area Amount
1. 3 bhk Apartment Total Covered Area 35,000/-
2. 3 bhk Apartment Excluding Kitchen & Washrooms 25,000/-
3. 3 bhk Apartment Only decoration 7500/-
4. 3 bhk Apartment Single Room design 7000/-
5. 3 bhk Apartment Drawing & dinning Area 10,000/-
3 bhk Standard Price list (Design Space)


Interior design fee Structure – 4 bhk apartment

Particular Total Area Amount
1. 4 bhk Apartment Total Covered Area 50,000/-
2. 4 bhk Apartment Excluding Kitchen & Washrooms 35,000/-
3. 4 bhk Apartment Only Decoration 10,000/-
4. 4 bhk Apartment Single room design 8500/-
5. 4 bhk Apartment Drawing & dinning Area 12,500/-
4 bhk Apartment Price list (Design Space)


How much does interior design cost?

We always wonder about “How much Interior Designer cost?” So we have solved this difficulty for you. In the apartment, we mostly have an area around 1000 sq. ft to 3000 sq. ft. It comes in 2 bhk,3 bhk,4 bhk & 5 bhk apartment. Thus, the interior design fee completely depends on the categories and areas to be designed.

Interior Design Pricing for a 2bhk apartment

So if we talk about the 2 bhk apartment. Its interior design pricing goes around (500/- sq. ft to 1000 sq. ft). It also depends upon the clients’ requirements & the budget. Since most of the 2 bhk apartment area is around 800 sq. ft to 1300 sq. ft. So, one can calculate the total amount for Interiors.

Interior Designing Cost for a 3bhk apartment

In a 3 bhk apartment, Costing for the total project goes around 800 sq. ft to 1500 sq. ft. But, this estimate costing is for the standard work. As there are no fixed parameters in interior design thus we can spend more or less according to our budget.

Interior Designing Fee for a 4 and 5bhk apartment

In a 4 bhk apartment, the total interior design fee goes around 1200 sq. ft to 2000 sq. ft for Standard work. We will further explain all details according to the materials. How materials can change our budget?

Now in a 5 bhk apartment, There is one thing which we can understand is that a 5 bhk apartment design budget is much more than a 2 bhk apartment. I mean to say that if one has 5 bhk apartment, Therefore, it means that this client can spend more than 2 bhk apartment owner. Thus, in a 5 bhk apartment, the budget can go around 1500/- sq. ft to 4000 sq. ft.

Approx pricing packages

Approx. interior designing packages for Single Bedroom, Washroom, Kitchen, Living room & Dinning area.

Particulars Total Area Items Per Sq.ft Amount
Single Room Cost 120 Sq.ft to 200 Sq.ft False Ceiling, Electrical Work, Lighting,
Wardrobe, LCD Unit, Double Bed, Paint, Wallpaper or Wall Paneling, Curtains etc.
700/- to 2000/- 75,000/- to 4,00,000/-
Washroom Cost 50 sq.ft to 150 sq.ft All Plumbing Material, Internal & External Fittings, Sanitary ware, Tiling, Electrical work & Lighting, Paint,
Vanity etc.
1000/- to 3000/- 50,000/- to 4,50,000/-
Kitchen Cost 70 Sq.ft to 200
Tiling & Counter top, Cabinets, Accessories, Electrical work, Ceiling, Paint etc. 1000/- to 4,000/- 70,000/- to 8,00,000/-
Living room & dinning area 200 sq.ft to 500 Sq.ft False ceiling, Electrical , Lighting, Partition, LCD unit,
Wall paneling, Furniture, Curtains, wall art, decorative lights, Wallpaper etc.
1000/- to 3000/- 2,00,000/- to 12,00,000/-
Only Decoration 1000 sq.ft to 4000 sq.ft Wallpapers, Wall painting, Accessories, Decorative lights, curtains etc. 100/- to 500/- 100,000/- to 12,00,000
Estimated cost for Particular space (Design Space)
Interior design Style

So, here we discussed the interior design fee structure for the residential interior design pricing. We hope you liked this information. Also, we promise to provide you such information regularly. You can contact us via mail or by calling us. We shall be glad to hear from you.

Also, read Different types of Interior design style.


Interior design trends 2023: What’s coming new

In this dynamic world, everything keeps changing and so do the Interior design trends. It can be difficult to stay on top of them. So if you are thinking about remodeling of your home. Then it is important for you to know Which design trends are losing their spark and which ones are becoming hot. Incorporating natural elements into your home is another one of the best interior design trends. So today, We will share with you upcoming Interior design trends in 2023.

You’ll love this list if you’ve been looking for the ideal chance to provide your home more style, vitality, and comfort. We consulted experts in the field and key figures in the sector to get their predictions for the most popular interior design trends in 2023. Some of their choices demonstrate that certain elements, such as high-style marble slabs in kitchens, personality-packed rugs appropriate for maximalists, bold window treatments, and blue colors, endure over time. After all, we included a number of these in our article on the top design trends for 2022. However, the following trend forecasts may surprise you: Just a few examples are plaster walls, high-gloss wood finishes, and dedicated craft spaces. interior design trends in 2023 Incorporate more natural components in your home in to create a relaxing and cozy feeling.

Getting updated with the time is the need of an hour. our home also demands so. Get your home decorated according to interior design trends in 2023.

Interior design trends

In 2023, Tactile design, raw woods, sustainable materials, greeneries, and plants are just some of the features of this design movement. People are creating their own natural habitat-like sanctuary in the privacy of their homes.

The Most Trending Interior Design Trend- Natural Essence

The Most Trending Interior Design Trend– Natural Essence offers an inviting space with natural color palettes and natural elements that give each room a warmth and coziness that is perfect for winding down after a long day. This design trend based on bringing nature to our homes. For many years, Natural materials have not lost their relevance. Natural & organic materials no doubt will be part of our interiors. Materials like wood, glass, stone, and metal still squeeze out environmentally-friendly plastic from the interiors, As you have seen, Synthetic fabrics in upholstery and decor are replaced with natural ones. Thus, nature has topped the list of interior design trends in 2023 making a place in wood furniture trends too. What popular this season is unpainted wood surfaces, stone textures, living plants, ceramics?

Sustainable design principles are becoming increasingly popular for home offices and living room designs in the coming year, after gaining traction in recent years. Optimizing small space is one of the top 2023 interior design trends, as creative solutions for interior spaces become more popular. By combining warm wood tones from the natural world with modern design ideas from the design world, the room has an inviting atmosphere.

Nature never stops giving its best and that’s why it has topped the chart of interior design trends 2023.

Natural Elements In Interiors

Experimenting with colors for Interior Design Trends

A Navy blue Color trend will be in 2023. Going against the advice of using light colors to feel more open space, Who knew the navy color trend would last this long? navy blue color has always fascinated designers and no idea can be better than experimenting with navy blue for the interior design trends in 2023. Navy blue has been a popular color in interior design for quite some time, and there’s a good chance it will continue to be a trendy choice in 2023. Navy blue is a versatile color that can be used in various ways to create different moods and aesthetics. Here’s how navy blue might continue to trend in 2023:

Remember that color trends can vary based on regional preferences and cultural influences. While navy blue is likely to remain a popular choice, it’s important to consider how it fits into your overall design vision and personal style. Always trust your instincts and consult with design professionals if you’re uncertain about incorporating specific colors into your home.

You can use navy-colored wallpaper for your dining room walls and Coordinate with matching navy dinner plates and decorative accessories too. If you have enough natural light coming into your home, a navy color overdose won’t leave you in the dark. Adding natural touch to your home. Also, consider the following points while choosing a home decor trend in 2023:

Design for waste reduction

Source Eco-friendly furnishings

Design for Healthy Environments

Select Lighter Colors

Focus on Natural Light

Design for Energy Saving

Navy blue color has its own aura and reflects positivity. This feature makes popular interior design trend of 2023.

Navy Blue color trend

Sustainable Modern design

Fortunately, the world of design is becoming increasingly aware of the need for sustainable thinking and is experiencing a growing such as recycling, upcycling, and repurposing. Now the interior designers are becoming more aware of the importance of environmentally responsible interior design. Interior designers have a major impact on the sustainability of an environment because they decide which material will be used.

There are many design principles to reduce the negative impact on the environment and hence it deserves a special place to be in the interior designing trends of 2023. As interior design makes most out of the nature. Thus, it is necessary to take care of it while deciding the interior of home causing lesser harm to nature.

Sustainable Modern design

Modular Spaces & objects- The unique interior design trend of 2023

Modular Interior design trending in 2023. Space is a luxury many of us cannot afford much of – which makes it critical that we make the most of what we have. So space saving is the main limitation for many of us. How to make a good functional design in less space is the target. So that’s why we need the requirement of modular spaces & objects. Please check, kitchen storage ideas for small kitchen. There are many design concepts for saving more space.

Modular Space has its own place in people heart. making the best out of minimum has made it an emerging interior design trend of 2023.

Modular Space design

Modern Rustic

Do you know the meaning of Rustic? Rustic means simple, rough, and natural finish. It embraces nature-inspired textures, simple and earthy colors, and ultimately an organic warmth. Rustic design style. Modern rustic interior design trend in 2023 is the combination of natural, organic, rough, and casual style with the clean lines and luxurious finishes of modern design create one of the most beautiful design concepts.

This design is trending because many people now love both Natural elements and Modern Elements for their interior design. The simple and natural yet rough finish will adds its charm to the decor of your home.

Modern rustic design

The Charm of Luxury- Evergreen Trend

The charm of luxury will continue in 2023, Luxury means Comfort, luxury means Elegance, Luxury means Class. The so-called modern style in the interior is continuously changing. The Interior design trends of 2023 refer us to elegant luxury design with elements of art deco of the 20s of the last century.

Again at the height of popularity, expensive fabrics, marble, precious woods and metals. As for the upholstery, Many Interior designers this season have included velvet upholstery in their tops, especially in the color of precious stones such as sapphire, citrine, emerald and amethyst.

Luxury never go off-trend and thus it has maintained a space in Interior designing trends of 2023. Luxury interior design trend

So these are some Interior design trends for 2023. I hope you like this article as we tried our best to give you some information about the upcoming trends. So if you are thinking to remodel your space, This article will really going to help you.

So give your feedback about this article or if you have any query regarding the Interior design. You can ask us by mail any time. We will definitely try to give you better solutions.

Thanks for reading this article. Also, read Interior Designers’ pricing packages to know more about the costs charged by professional interior designers.

What Is The Best Way To Design Your Wardrobe?

It may be a difficult and sometimes tiresome process to organize and store your wardrobe. It may be hard to bring all your items into one wardrobe amongst leisure clothes, formal clothes, and everyday clothing. In recent years minimalism has reached the realm of organization and here are the ideas by which you can create a customized wardrobe design for yourself.

Using every nook and corner of a wardrobe to provide optimal available storage space is the best way to design your wardrobe and is always a good idea. To ensure maximum functionality, make sure to choose drawers that are sized appropriately for the new wardrobe. This is the best way to design a wardrobe is to start by choosing which drawers will be part of the new wardrobe. And when considering wardrobe design ideas, it is important to consider how the placement of mirrored doors can add to the overall aesthetics of the space. Mirrored doors can be an important part of any wardrobe design, as they can help to create a stylish and sophisticated look. Wardrobes are important as they hide the clutter and so does their design.

Guide To Design The Wardrobe

1. Make It Adjustable

You need to change the heights of your separate rails according to your varied sizes if you share a closet with your loved ones. For example, the long pants of your husband might trail on the floor, while your clothing is too high to reach. Imagine one of you like folding clothing, hanging room for another, and assigns shelves for his clothes. Make your wardrobe work for your various dimensions and clothing items.

Certain wardrobes have previously fitted replacement holes to adjust your rail up or down. The rack height may also be altered to fit your clothes. For example, for your summer clothes, you might have a bigger shelf to host your shaggy sweater.

2. Think Practically About The Design Of Your Wardrobe

Not all your clothes are stored in your wardrobe. In the winter depths or vice versa, you will probably not carry your summer clothes. Ensure that when you do not need it off-season, you have an adequate place to keep your winter garments and thermals. To compress the articles, you might use vacuum bags to fit beneath your bed or attic.

When the weather changes, you can retrieve the clothing and swap out different items.

3. Use Your Entire Closet

Make sure you employ all your height and volume if your closet is large. When selecting wardrobes, it is important to consider the available space in the closet. For example, a large budget device is a textile suspended to the railings by Velcro. Without installing a complete set of wooden shelves, you may keep your folded products on one hand.

Design your wardrobe and closet space to maximize the storage potential while keeping it looking neat and organized. Most closets feature the upper or lower vacant space. In these places, use this room by storing equipment, sleeper bags, or linen. If you use the space above, save goods that you don’t need every day because they are more difficult to obtain.

Importance Of Wardrobe Design

Wardrobes are crucial pieces of furniture since they improve the aesthetic and conceal clutter. A well-designed closet can significantly improve your quality of life by maximizing space and removing the need to purchase additional furniture. One of the pieces of furniture in your bedroom that you use the most is the wardrobe. With more straightforward and accessible storage options, choosing the appropriate wardrobe design can simplify your life. Based on the size of your bedroom, your demand for storage, and the design requirements, you have a wide variety of wardrobe options. When selecting a wardrobe, consider the size, style, and storage capacity for both clothing and smaller items.

The wardrobe planner can help you determine your folded clothes storage needs. The use of wardrobes allows you to keep stuff without affecting the room’s aesthetic appeal. It assists you in choosing clothing, accessories, and shoes that are appropriate for every situation, lifestyle, requirements, and preference. Making a plan for your wardrobe gives you additional options and aids in determining your personal style. You don’t need to take additional time looking, buying, and bringing something back. The most crucial component of any wardrobe is your footwear because they have the power to make or destroy a whole ensemble.

Making intelligent decisions is crucial since they can also impact how comfortable you are during the day. Always choose quality above quantity, and remember to take the occasion into account when selecting your footwear. You can also use shoe shelves to organize and arrange your wardrobe’s internal storage. Design your wardrobe with internal drawers and internal storage to optimise space and keep items neatly organized. Wardrobes are a great way to store items without sacrificing aesthetic design. So design your Wardrobe with enhanced internal storage features to keep all your belongings neat and organized. Walk-in closets can be a great place to store clothes, shoes, and other items when designed correctly with an organized wardrobe. With us, design your wardrobe and find the perfect pieces to bring your wardrobe inspiration to life. Our team can help you design your dream wardrobe with our custom-made designs.

When design your wardrobe, there are few things to keep in mind.

1. What will work for your room layout?

It’s important to consider how your room is organised and how much room you have for a wardrobe. If you have a limited area, a sliding wardrobe is the ideal blend of space-saving and style. Consider a hinged or even a walk-in or walk-through robe design for a bigger room.

2. Consider your wardrobe choices.

Consider the design and style you want to achieve for your wardrobe – and your bedroom as a whole. A gorgeous walk-in robe, for example, is a show-stopping element that adds a daily style experience, ideal to showcase all your valued possessions if you have the space. If your space is limited, you can still design a stunning sliding and/or hinged wardrobe by experimenting with colors, door profiles, and knobs.

3. Consider how you will use the wardrobe space.

And what goods will be stored in it? Will you, for example, want a lot of hanging space for longer things like jackets and dresses? Or additional drawer space for folded stuff – or a combination of the two? Do you require shoe racks or other storage options for items such as jewellery, watches, ties, and so on? There’s a lot to think about.

4. Create intriguing wardrobe sliding doors

For smaller spaces, our sliding wardrobe options offer the ideal blend of space-saving and style. The three distinct sections of each sliding door’s three-panel Tri Panel Door System® allow you to mix and match various coloured finishes for a dramatic effect or create a simple and classic one-color aesthetic. Tess and Luke did exactly this in their winning Studio space, and in our opinion, it looked fantastic.

5. Remember to use wardrobe lighting!

A thoughtful lighting plan will change the way you dress. Our innovative vertical in-cabinet LED flexy lighting generates ambiance in your robe while stylishly and effectively emphasising the contents of your area. Put your lighting on a sensor so that it turns on when the door is opened. If you plan to include a workstation or makeup station in your wardrobe space, LED downlights are a terrific choice.

How Can Design Space Help You?

We hope you found our ideas useful! If you want to design your wardrobe then look no further. Design space is the best option for you. Designing your wardrobe with design space is the best way to ensure that everything fits together in the perfect harmony. You want your wardrobe to be stylish and efficient – design space is the best way to make it happen!. Design Space is the ultimate tool for designing your wardrobe that’s both stylish and practical. With us, it’s easy to design your wardrobe and create a unique look that reflects your individual style. We give you the best suggestion for designing your wardrobe: think about functionality, storage, and versatility when choosing furniture pieces and accessories. If you’re interested in learning more about wardrobe designing, you can contact at +91-9914130961. Additionally, you can get in touch with us if you wish to renovate your house, kitchen, or make any other improvements in your home.

Study Rooms have become so common these days. Days are gone when children used to sit on the terrace or under the tree for studying. With the increasing competition, the students have also increased their focus on studies. Be it an academic exam or an exam for a government job. No one can clear it without focus. To increase focus, the environment needs to be subtler and beautiful. Because a clear mind can have all the concepts clear. Therefore, the trend of study room design ideas came into being. With time it evolved and takes various forms. A lot of modifications have been done to a normal study room today.

Moreover, some people like to be the interior design of their children’s study room to be done by the professionals as they do for bedroom interior and living room interior. Here are the exciting and inspiring study room design and decoration ideas that will keep your focus increased like Arjuna during your studies.

Best Study Room Decoration Ideas

Before learning the study room decoration ideas let’s talk about what kind of room should be selected for the study room. Keep these points in mind:

  • Select the room with less foot traffic
  • Select the soothing shade to increase focus.
  • Away from noisy areas
  • Invest in best quality desk and chairs
  • Keep it clutter-free

1. Go Subtle With This Study Room Design Idea For Small Space

What we expect from the study room is a calming and noiseless environment. Because it is the place where you have to do homework, worksheets, projects, and many more. Thus, study room design in this way will be ideal. For study room design for small space mix earthy and white tones. Attach the study table with the TV unit. This will make it look functional as well as saves space. Invest in a light-colored wooden desk and chair for more elegance and focus.

2. A Blue And White Study Room Giving The Vibes Of Ocean

Imbibe the calmness of the ocean with this perfect color combination. The ocean is always calm and composed and so does this color combination. These study room design ideas can be used for small as well as large spaces. Place the table beside the wall. And also don’t forget to add inspiring quotes and some beautiful and knowledgeable pictures. No idea can be better than hanging the information about the subject you like as this will reflect your personality and maintain a beautiful aura.

3. A Breezy Study Room With Mint Green Decoration Units

Just thinking about this can give you goosebumps.  Select the corner room of the home that is connected to the garden or with any greenery. The calm and cool breeze will not only refresh your mood but will also increase your focus. Go for min green colored decoration for the study room. You can also add potted plants to make them more elegant. Put on some of your artwork or projects to make you feel happy about your achievements and how far you have come.

4. Biophilic Study Room Design And Decoration Idea

The decoration of your study room naturally is a fantastic idea as biophilic components provide natural tranquility that makes the place refreshing and makes it more productive. Therefore, green design features become a key design element in the design of the workplace. Whether it is plants, real grass walls, or even artificial green components, the presence of biophilic materials is relaxing and comforting. The interior design of this study room for small spaces exploits this biophilia aspect to create a natural sanctuary for children.

5. All White

When in doubt go for white. If you don’t like it, you can amend it later. Try mixing rustic elements with the contemporary all-white study room design ideas and laminated table and chair with wooden legs. Use some textile elements to make it look more outlined. This room decoration idea is for creative people. You can also design a study room with a bed.


In the end, we can say that study rooms are quintessential requirements. Thus, everything needs to be done precisely. Do consider these study room design and decoration ideas next time. Contact us for more interior design ideas.

Also, read Home Office setup interior design.

Bunk Beds are the best friends of kids. These bunk beds are functional as well as add a fun element to your bedroom too. Bunk beds can be shared by the siblings and make the bond stronger. When you are designing or thinking of refurbishing a kid’s bedroom then a bunk bed is a great choice. After a tiring day at school, kids love to spend their time in their favorite room with their siblings. So, the interior design of the kid’s bedroom must be soothing to the eyes and as well as refreshing for your kids. Also, special care needs to be taken while selecting a bunk bed design for your kids.

 Also, the bunk beds are on the kid’s wishlist because they are fancy. So, here are the bunk bed design ideas that will lighten up your kid’s mood and brighten up their day whether boy or a girl. The trundle bed bunk room offers a wide range of sleeping solutions. Finding the perfect solution for a small living room can be challenging, but with a little creativity it is possible.

What is a Bunk Bed?

A bunk bed is a type of bed in which one stack of beds is mounted over the other with the help of a frame. No doubt that it is a space-saving bed. So, you can use a bunk bed even in the small bedroom. We assure you that it will well complement your small bedroom.

Features of Bunk Beds

While bunk beds come in many different designs, their fundamental components are always the same. Below are a few of them:

  • In order to support two or more bunk beds, they first come with a sturdy bed frame with poles or posts at each of its four corners. Both metal and wood can be used to create this frame.
  • Kids can access the higher bunks by climbing up on the frame, which is coupled to a ladder or stairway. In various variants, the ladder can be either permanently attached or removable.
  • To prevent children sleeping on top from falling when turning over during sleep, the upper bed is equipped with a railing.
  • Typically, bunk beds for children are twin over twin beds that can each fit one person on the bottom.
  • Each child has a bed of their own, making them the ideal choice for your kids’ bedrooms. At Magical Nest, however, there are also designs that feature twin beds on top and queen or full beds underneath.

Bunk Bed Design Ideas For Boys

1. Custom Made Bunk Bed For Boys

You should choose a bunk bed that reflects your child’s personality. And nothing can be better than making a custom bed. Childhood is the period when a person is most creative. Carve out that creativity and make use of it by designing a custom bedroom for your little prince. This will increase his productivity and interest in that particular area.

2. Cool and Space Saving Bunk Bed For Boys

It’s a well-known fact that boys are cool and most boys have a calming personalities. Then why not their bunk bed design. It would be a great idea if you opt for some cool designs for your kid’s smart bedroom. Gift your kid the cool bunk bed to make him cheerful. Also, you can utilize the space in the bedroom for keeping the books, study table, toys, etc.

3. Fun Bunk Bed

Introduce some fun into your kid’s life with fun bedroom design ideas. You can add a theme to the bedroom of your kids’rooms . This way, your kid will also love to go to his bedroom again and again.

Attractive Bunk Bed Ideas For Girls

1. A Playful Bunk Bed

We can’t deny the fact that girls are creative, caring, and lovable. Girls love to play with their loved ones. So, imbibe the caring environment into your girl’s bedroom with a playful and caring bunk bed. You can add beautiful curtains and accessories too.

2. Pink

How can we forget the girl’s favorite- pink. Pink and girls have a long time relationship. Thus, add a soothing vibe to your girl’s small bedroom with the pink color bunk bed design idea that never goes off trend. Accessorize the room with matching pink toys and curtains with various shades of pink. Your girl will love it.

3. A Themed Bedroom

Girls love to experiment and always creative. Then, why not introduce a theme to your princess room to make her more creative. You can choose themes like Disney princess, or a forest theme, or maybe an underwater theme. The theme your girl likes.

Types of bunk beds

Bunk beds differ in design, style, number of sleeping units, additional features, etc. although sharing these basic characteristics. Here are a few of the common kinds you might get while shopping for bunk beds for kids online in India. This perfect bunk bed can be suitable for both children’s bedrooms and guest rooms.

Standard Bunk Bed

It consists of two twin beds, which are sometimes known as single beds, stacked one above the other and is also referred to as twin over twin bunk beds. However, in some instances, the beds can be separated and utilised independently if necessary. This sort of bed is frequently coupled to an integrated ladder.

Twin over Queen, Twin over Full, and Other Varieties

As was already noted, some designs feature full or queen beds on the bottom bunk and twin beds on the top bunk. The lower bed can accommodate two children, and the upper bunk can accommodate a third child. Twin over full and twin over queen, respectively, are the names of these. Despite the fact that full over full and queen over queen variants are also offered in the market, children do not frequently choose them.

Futon Bunk Bed

It is made up of a bed on top and a futon on the bottom, as the name suggests. The main benefit of such designs is that the futon can be stretched into a sleeping surface at night and used as a couch during the day.

L-Shaped Bunk Bed

In this design, the top bunk is positioned so that it is at a right angle to the bottom one. It has two beds that are the same size, similar to the regular variety in terms of bed space. L-shaped bunk beds, on the other hand, require more floor space than regular bunk beds.

Triple Bunk Bed

Triple bunk beds are a great option if you’re looking for kids bedroom ideas to maximise the amount of accessible bed space. It is perfect for families with three children because it, as its name suggests, has three beds united to a single frame.


In the end, we can say that whether a boy or a girl, kids love to do experiments and their childhood is the root of their character. Their character reflects their personality. That’s why the environment of their room should be productive. We hope that you’ll find these bunk bed design ideas helpful. Tell us in the comment section if you have more ideas. Contact us for more information.

Home Office Setup Ideas

Making a room that can accommodate all of your demands is crucial when it comes to working from home. There are many opportunities for distraction and temptation when working from home. A home office can be located anywhere, whether you have an extra closet to transform or an unoccupied guest room. Making an environment that fosters imagination, focus, and happiness is crucial. Utilize these home office designs as inspiration and these helpful hints to start building your own haven. To create a great place for home office setup, you need to make use of every bit of wall space and small spaces available.

In addition to encouraging creativity, a well-planned home office aids in productivity. Finding the ideal function-style balance requires considering factors like ergonomics, aesthetics, and practicality when setting up a nice home office. With careful planning and thought, you are able to create an effective home office setup with desk space, floor space and a kitchen table. I use the corner of my home office space near my office desk to store extra filing boxes and other office items needed for daily work. You can also apply this idea. A great home office setup idea is to create a dedicated workspace with comfortable seating, plenty of natural light, and plenty of storage options. Whether you want it to be minimalistic or modern, we can help you get the look you desire. We give the best home office setup ideas. An effective home office setup is of utmost importance to ensure efficient productivity.

What Are The Best Home Office Ideas?

1. Select The Comfortable Corner For Home-Office Setup

There is hardly a person in this world who doesn’t like to relax. Relaxing while working is like a cherry on the top. So, if you don’t like sitting for hours, then this home office setup idea is for you. Select a relaxing corner and also keep in mind that the portion you’ve selected should have a window. Because it will relax your mind and increase your productivity. And also installing a task lighting kitchen table desk lamp can help create an optimal Home Office Setup. A gallery wall in the living room is one of the best ideas to make your home office setup more visually appealing.

2. If Possible, Go For A Separate Room

As we already discussed, you have to attend the online meetings during office hours. Therefore, your home office should be away from the noise of the other rooms. Thus, it is advised to setup the home office in a separate room, where there will be fewer distractions. This will increase your productivity and make you feel more professional. A Separate Room for home office setup reduces distractions. Having a dedicated separate room for a home office setup has been a great help in increasing your focus and productivity. One of the best pieces of advice for creating a productive home office is to dedicated room an entire room to the project; find a space where you won’t be disturbed by household noise and distractions.

3. Add Different Seating Spaces For Home Office Interior Design

For your home office setup ideas, one idea is to add different seating spaces like a cozy armchair or a standing desk. As the pandemic has come a long way and many organizations have to work from home completely. So, if you are an owner of the company your home-office interior design should be more professional. Because during an online meet it should be par professional and who knows you may have to call an offline meeting. Thus, you should have different seating spaces in your home office if you are the owner or having a high authority in the company. It will also help in setting a benchmark.

4. Home Office Interior Design For Nature Lovers

Everyone enjoys the lap of mother nature and if you are a nature lover, this home office idea is exclusively for you. Select a corner near the window and if you are a photographer, you can get inspiration from nature too. Also, the daylight will help you in cutting the electricity bill. This is the idea that everyone should try.

5. Home Office Idea For Working Mothers

Being a mother and a working professional at the same time is a big responsibility. You have to be with your kid and giving your 100% to the office too. Thus, working mothers should go for a portable desk for home office setup so that it can be adjusted anywhere. Such as you can simply place it on the floor when the baby is playing and that on the bed if your baby is sleeping. You can thank us later for this wonderful home office setup idea for working mothers. Use light and bright colors for a modern home office ideas that doubles as a small dining room for family dinners.

Benefits of Having a Home Office

Peace and Quiet

Many of us are now familiar with our coworkers’ children and pets, courtesy to their appearances on Zoom calls. It’s tough to escape inquisitive children and partners, barking dogs, and other noises that make it difficult to focus when your office in the kitchen or family room. Setting up a home office in a spare room allows you to filter out the noise and bustle around you, which may be quite useful while discussing strategy with coworkers or meeting with a possible client. Of course, you’ll still have some interruptions, but having a home office makes it much easier to maintain a tranquil working environment.

Freedom to create the ideal work space

Workplaces in some cases have tight policies about personal goods and décor. Employers have a history of discouraging decorations like photographs, plants, cartoons, sports memorabilia and other items that make a space feel more homely and less antiseptic. Although you might not be allowed to show your personality at work, there is no reason you can’t design the perfect office at home. Having a home office setup grants you the freedom to create your own workspace and schedule.

The work / life balance

Making a physical separation between a home office and a domestic family area is crucial for people who find themselves working from home most of the time and spending their free time there. You should be able to work from home during the day, close the door when you’re done, and then spend time with your family at night. This is essential to preserving a healthy work/life balance, which has become more crucial than ever recently. In order to ensure that your office is uninterrupted and precisely as you left it when you left it, it’s equally vital to set boundaries within your home.

Dedicated study

Having a home office setup with a dedicated study space can help to keep distractions to a minimum and increase productivity. Many young people are converting to distance learning and online programmes as a result of recent events, which has an additional impact on families across the nation. Home offices can be used as great remote learning locations as well, where kids can easily hear their teachers’ lessons, have a peaceful space to react, and not be distracted by whatever else is going on in the house. The home office space might also be ideal for pursuing online degrees and certifications. A properly planned home office setup with a dedicated study corner will provide the perfect environment for focused learning. Creating a dedicated study with a small home office is one of the best home office setup ideas.

A healthier environment

Another advantage of working from home is a healthier work environment. Even typical cold germs can spread quickly in office buildings, where people routinely commute. By avoiding these environments as much as you can, you are keeping yourself and your family healthy (even in the absence of a pandemic). Working from a home office can give you a healthier environment since you are not exposed to airborne pollutants and germs from a shared office space. Establishing an organized home office setup with comfortable, adjustable seating and natural light can help provide a healthier work environment.

How Can Design Space Help You.

Hope our suggestions were helpful! Look no further if you want a beautiful interior decorator for home office. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, so it’s important to have a proper home office setup for maximum productivity. Creating a functional and organized home office setup today is critical for staying productive and focused on work. We help you to design a best home office. Our knowledgeable and experienced design team can help you to create a best home office.

If you want to know more about home office setup ideas or interior designing then contact at +91-9914130961.

Your house design is one of the most fun pastimes, especially if you make all the furnishings by yourself. You are in a perfect position if you want simple, budget-friendly decorations! You may create endless paper decorations that offer your home a distinctive look. Given the world of DIY paper craft decorating, make them a special event or just your entertainment.

How To Use Paper Craft For Home Décor?- DIY Ideas

1. Paper Flowers Are The Blessings Of Art And Craft

Flowers are a wonderful option of decoration and they can never be produced out of paper. They may be made in any kind of color or size you like, but we recommend starting with enormous flowers in a beautiful white hue. Thus, use paper crafts to create beautiful paper flowers.

Paper Craft Flowers Are The Best Way For DIY Home Decor
Paper Flowers Are The Best Way For DIY Home Decor

2. Hang DIY Paper Streamers To Make It Feel Like An Occasion

Big events call for celebrations and make sure that your house appears like that when the next event comes. Hang some paper streamers in an accordion from your ceiling to provide a more festive aspect to the area and make sure you pick paper in numerous colors to create a vibrant atmosphere.

DIY Paper Streamers

3. Go Celebratory With Pom Pom Using DIY Paper Craft Home Décor

Bring pleasure in every space with Pom Poms! Wherever you hang them, the room is elevated and celebrated immediately. Exclusively visit weddings, and learn how to make your favorite brilliant hue of giant size pom poms made from tissue paper.

DIY Paper Craft Pom Pom
DIY Paper Pom Pom

4. Decorate Your Home With DIY Paper Balls

Perhaps you want to use flowers in your home décor, but are reluctant to go the usual path. The papercraft balls can give you a new and thrilling way to bring the flowers home. Make DIY paper balls and display them in different shiny hues in every space that requires lighting.

Paper craft balls are a good way of DIY home decor
Paper balls are a good way of DIY home decor

5. Bring Colors With Rainbow Colored Paper Crafted Garland

A colorful house emanates good fortune! You want to evoke pleasure and happiness when you decorate your house for a party. That’s why your next party has to incorporate Ice Cream Off Paper Plates in all rainbow hues with this paper fan garland.

A Rainbow Colored paper garland

6. Make Your Home Decor Soothing With DIY Paper Ice Cream Garland Ideas

All paper decorations have a great charm factor, but this Oh Happy Day ice cream guy is a real winner! It is the perfect décor of paper to be displayed throughout the summer or every time you want to throw an ice cream party in your house.

Paper Ice Cream Garland

7. DIY Paper Fans Never Go Out Of Fashion

Paper fans are undoubtedly a common option of décor since they’re not just lovely to look at, but also fun to construct! This weekend, gather your friends and organize a paper-based fan party to build gorgeous house fans.

Paper Fans

8. Imbibe Positive Vibes With Tissue Paper Butterflies

The tissue paper, as you can see, is your constant companion in paper decorations. You may transform this into many different decorative items and the paper butterflies of Country Hill Cottage are a perfect example. Make your house a lovely butterfly effect in a variety of colors and forms.

Contact us if you have more fun ideas about how to décor with papercraft and read Rejuvenate your home interior with these ideas.

Home is the place for which everything remains less despite how much we do for it. So is with the home interior. The more you decorate, the more urge you develop for the beauty of your home. So, we have come up with a beautiful yet trendy modern home interior design that will add life to your home.

Trending Home Interior Design Ideas

1. Add Warm Colors to Add life To your Home Interior

Our houses are the perfect place to rest and rejuvenate. Warm paint colors are therefore trendy a lot. Our trends in the contemporary home interior will dominate the yellow, red, orange, and various hues of these colors. These hues, inspired by a positive attitude, allow individuals to feel cheerful and upbeat—an essential thing for house decor. So, feel free to indulge yourself in bright and cheery colors. You may also use pop-colored accent walls to give your dull home decor vitality. In addition to the obvious warm shades, soothing colors, including Aquas, ginger colors, earthy colors, etc are also very popular. These colors imbue people with warmth and comfort and give the world headlines.

Warm Colors Add Warmness To Your Home Interior
Warm Colors Add Warmness To Your Home Interior

2. Invest In Functional Furniture

You should pay more attention to your furniture sets if you spend so much time at home. So attempt contemporary home design ideas that allow you to play with furniture parts. In addition to playing a part in your home interior, we would recommend going with soothing selections that promote your well-being. The year is going to be fashionable in the field of couches and sofas, comfort loveseats, multi-purpose TVs, furnishings in the lobby, etc. You may also use rustic furniture sets in terms of design, which are attractive. This sort of object gives your home individuality and a particular flavor to your décor.

Functional Furniture Makes Your Room Look Sleek

3. Add Beautiful Wallpapers For Home Decor

Our passion for wallpapers is continued by modern 2023 home decor – they are versatile and simple to use. Go ahead and capture with gorgeous and meaningful wallpaper the soul of your wall. Instagram says that in 2023 there are tendencies to abstract creative designs, dark flowers, textural and fun patterns. Wallpapers may be used for building accent walls in the living room, bedrooms, etc. In kitchen designs, wallpapers may also play a major role. You may play with wallpapers without permanent creation. This allows you to explore various wallpaper styles. This may also be a wonderful concept for your living room with trendy DIY decoration.

Add Wallpaper For Home Interior
Add Wallpaper For Home Interior

4. Vintage Is The New Modern For Home Interior

Vintage design love was always a trend. And home interior design styles notably redefined furniture, will also be witnessed this year. So, whether you are in a spare room with a Grandfather’s clock or an old boarded crockery cupboard, move it to the main sections of your home. By painting or painting them you may refurb the antique furniture sets; we would keep them if you asked us because they had a rustic charm. You may also reposition the historical furniture sets and utilize these as a repurposable workstation in your old study table.

Go For Vintage Style

5. Add Space With large Mirrors

You may be apathetic to mirrors, but 2023 interior designs provide wonderful news. Then continue with your house with distinctive, unusual mirror frames. In your entryway area (see the photo below for the bronze mirror design), you may play with mirror decorations, walls of the living room, bedroom walls, etc. As it stands, go for circular frames, excess size, mosaic mirrors, 3D mirrors, etc. Go for the sewn sky and nautical type mirrors to produce strong design statements if you like the rustic aesthetic. You may also be used as a decorative feature in the house with the dressing mirror. Contact us for more ideas like this.

Mirrors Create the Illusion Of Space
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