Do you have a kitchen with too little natural light and too gloomy to be comfortable? Take inspiration for the absence of natural light in your kitchen from these excellent options. You might not have the opportunity to reconstruct your kitchen to make it seem brighter, but you may attempt some of those incredibly amazing ideas. These amazing kitchen interior design ideas will lighten up your kitchen.

Kitchen Interior Tips

1. Glass or Metallic Backsplash Accent For Kitchen Interior

Choose your kitchen backsplash glass tiles or metallic ones. They reflect light and give a fashionable aspect to your kitchen. Place a clear glass reverse splash, or use the coloured rear splash to paint and hide the area of the wall. Metal splinters are available in stainless steel, copper and brass. For a more handcrafted feel go with hammered metal.

2. Mount A Mirror To Make Your Kitchen Look Larger

Try to use a mirror to show light and create an appearance of greater light and space, the oldest decorative method any designer would swear about. Choose a modern, sleek, antique, metallic or distressed wooden mirror framed according to the rest of the decoration of your kitchen. Or get a sentence like that above.

Try putting it on the other side, close to a window, or the largest light source in the kitchen to reflect the greatest light.

3. Avoid Dark Cabinets in The Kitchen Interior

In some kitchens, dark cabinets are a wonderful statement of design – but keep away if your major kitchen problem is poor light.

Get lighter-toned kitchen cabinets – whether white or pastel – or lighter colours to paint them off. You may also pull out bolder, brighter colours like a white and yellow armoire. We promise that your dark kitchen interior will do wonders.

4. Overhead Lighting Plays A Major Role In Enhancing The Beauty Of kitchen Interior

In addition to sufficient lighting on the walls, the overhead lights should be better disseminated in your kitchen. Install a few lights, flush-mount ceiling lighting or a semi-flush-mount ornamental candlestick. Even recessed lighting or fine track lights can be tried.

Moreover, overhead light may also be available in the form of track lamps under the cabinet – fluorescent tube lamps or LED lamps.

5. Add Bright Shades

Bright colours, just raising the entire feel of space, may lend vividness to a drab kitchen. Bring a vibrant vase, pottery, backsplash or a gorgeous piece of art into your choice of visual distraction. It might even be brightly coloured armoires, a vivid backsplash or a ceramic designer sink.

6. Kitchen Island

Go to a light coloured kitchen island to enhance things if you have dark and cannot replace it. Distract the sight via the centre stage of the island.


These interesting ideas will not only make your gloomy kitchen brighter but also assist you to add personality to your kitchen. Contact us today for more information.

Modern Indian kitchen cupboard designs may be differently viewed by various people. Cabinets or Cupboards play an integral role in maintaining uncontrolled space even though you chose to remodel or install your kitchen. The kitchen is an atmosphere in which you prepare and occasionally even eat in, with a heart and a mind. So, the first option you have to make is for the whole decor while contemplating an Indian kitchen furniture style.

The cabinet styles of new modern contemporary, antique and conventional are part of the most commonly selected types. We will encourage you to choose how it takes you to represent the style and theme of your house. Here are few conceptual concepts to help you decide.

Kitchen Cupboard Designs You Must Try

1. Contemporary Grey Indian Kitchen Cupboard Designs

A blend of grey and beige plate gives a striking first impact as one of the most versatile cupboards for kitchens in Indian homes. An L-shaped laminate cupboard style combines tranquilly and elegance with everything you need in daily cooking. It contains oil bottles, pickle jars, and even a dustbin with its elegant pull-out system. Even waste disposal is readily accessible using a cabinet under the sink.

Contemporary Grey Kitchen Cupboard Designs
Contemporary Grey Kitchen Cupboard Designs

2. Colorful Indian Kitchen Cupboard Designs

With various colors in the building, our atmosphere and personalities are negatively and positively affected. So it’s vital to use bright colors, bringing energy and fresh vibrations into your food when you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. Combines the neutral white character and style of this two-tone yellow kitchen armoire into the kitchen. Thus, use the light color in the top half and the darker color in the bottom half. This ensures the colors of the kitchen area are balanced.

Colorful Indian Kitchen

3. Simple White Kitchen Cupboard

You can choose from multiple kitchen closets to upgrade your cooking room. And the best thing is this, open-plan kitchen style, which provides an airy atmosphere as you whipped old recipes. Because, the kitchen is an exquisite blend of monochrome colors, with striking white kitchen wardrobes and a contrasting black granite top.

Simple White Kitchen Cupboard Design

4. Teal and White Color for Kitchen Cabinet Design

White Indian kitchen cupboard designs are a classic alternative for homeowners. The combination of teal and white amp provides a calm and cold atmosphere to the aesthetics of a room. It is not easy to snack tasty food while balancing 100 other items. This refreshing teal cupboard style provides a modern Scandinavian environment that helps to keep the mind smooth like ocean waves. So, the use of contrasting aquatic tiles to replicating grainy corals swimming in the middle of teal blue waves plays along with the textural vibrations of the seas.

Teal and White Kitchen Cabinet Color

5. Black Vogue Indian Kitchen Cupboard Designs

This Indian kitchen cupboard style checks all the boxes if you’re planning to make up your kitchen. Because, the kitchen has an ancient glamour with its elegant, matt black finish with stainless steel handles on the armchair. This armoire style is both sleek and traditional, with built-in room for not just your cutlery but equipment. Also, use mirrors in the kitchen area in front to provide the appearance of a larger space.

Black Vogue Indian Kitchen Cupboard Design


When it comes to picking an Indian kitchen furniture design for your home, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that you can follow. From experimenting with vibrant colored laminates to playing with textured backsplashes, as a homeowner, so you have the power to make the final decision. Contact us if you have more suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.

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A kitchen is one of the main areas of the house, feeding and nourishing us daily and giving us the physical strength to survive. It is important, therefore, that it is organized, clean, and always presentable. In this case, kitchen cabinets play a key role. You’ll also be able to achieve the various benefits with an organized kitchen cabinet storage.

Kitchen cabinets are designed to help you store all kinds of objects – crockery, cupboard, glasses, dishes, and food products – and can be adapted to the homeowners. See a few suggestions on the beautiful color for kitchen cabinets. Add some additional hacks for the small kitchen storage ideas and make the most of your kitchen area.

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Storage

  • A more controlled sense of the kitchen and oneself as a less visual disorder leads to less emotional discomfort.
  • You can easily operate the kitchen since custom kitchen areas are created.
  • An enhanced incentive to periodically declutter to decide what can be maintained, replaced or provided.
  • A better track of the ingredients in and out of the kitchen to stop purchasing twice.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

1. DIY Storage Ideas

If you are running out of space for your kitchen but still want to keep it decorative and practical, the DIY concept for a kitchen cabinet storage solution is your perfect pick. One of the unused white wooden kitchen boxes can be stacked, glued together, and a custom open storage area for extra kitchens that you do not use often is created. It doesn’t only look nice but also lets you use the available room more efficiently.

2. Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas For Spices

This kitchen cabinet storage concept is ideal for anyone striving to locate spices and seasonings in the cooking process and has a wall-mounted spice rack with several shelf lines. Both containers/jars should be labeled clearly and logically placed so that the next time you have easy access to them. The kitchen also looks lightweight and elegant.

Kitchen cabinet with glass door are the best storage option for spices.
Kitchen Cabinet with Glass Door

3. Showcase-Style Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This kitchen cabinet storage solution in the form of a showcase has a display case and a few side racks that enhance the color coordination and presentation of steel jars and small seed container. The kitchen becomes easier to explore.

Showcase Style
Showcase Style for kitchen cabinet

4. Kitchen Cabinet Solution For Small Kitchen

Besides the imaginative mix of open and closed storage rooms, the wicker baskets are also available for stocking fresh fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. You look not only trendy and attractive in visual terms but also functional and sustainable. Also, the wooden lofts on the top render this kitchen a great addition. Also, it can be used for the storage of food products and utensils that are not used enough.

Small Kitchen Cabinet

5. Tall Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

This huge kitchen cabinet storage idea is a quasi-space machine. It ensures ease and holds a large number of products from various kitchens, large kitchen equipment, and extra food supplies. You should store the most commonly utilized food on the bottom floors, small snacks on the top floors. Some small green plant pots on the top, to add fine color to the kitchen.

Tall kitchen cabinet idea
Tall kitchen cabinet idea


We hope that this blog post has given you plenty of useful tips to organize your kitchen cabinet storage efficiently. Furthermore, if you plan to create a sleek and multipurpose storage room, Design Space is your ultimate one-stop destination to live up to your dreams.

Cleaning countertops may be the job that everyone does without realizing it the most often in the Home. Therefore, it’s important to know how to clean kitchen countertops. This definite guide teaches you everything about cleaning all kinds of countertops if you are looking for ideas on how to clean and polish marble countertops, clean quartz countertops, or clean quartz countertops.

The countertops of kitchens and baths are used constantly all day long, every day. There are also numerous materials on the surface of these countertops, which make them more vulnerable to injury. Factoring into the countertop content can be difficult to figure out how to disinfect countertops. Please read to find DIY tricks on how to clean kitchen countertops.

Preventive Measures To Keep In Mind For Cleaning Countertops

There are few prevention steps to be taken before we delve into professional tips on how to clean the kitchen countertops. It is still the safest way to ensure that the countertops stay sturdy regardless of what material they are made of.

  • Use thick foundation pots and bowls
  • Use thermal pads to prevent exposure to high temperatures on the kitchen countertops
  • To stop scratching, use cutting boards
  • Remove drops, stains, and solids with dry or partially moist towels immediately
  • Your Regular Cleaning Countertop

How to clean kitchen countertops?

Both of you need to scrub and maintain the kitchen countertop on a microfiber towel and a soft dish cleaner.

When you finish cooking your dinner, clean the countertop surface away with the spices and cookware. Use a way to disinfect soap-warm water with the tissue

In freshwater wash the rag and scrub again.

Kitchen Countertop
Kitchen Countertop Cleaning is necessary

How To Clean Countertops With Baking Soda

Hacks on how to cleanse countertops without considering baking soda are of course incomplete.

  • Baking soda paste is a common home treatment for hard stains that don’t leave the valuable counter. The war against oil, coffee, and tea is especially popular
  • You don’t have to learn much about the surface of your counter to vacuum soda countertops.
  • Mix baking soda with warm water to make a paste to get rid of the stubborn dye. Apply to the stained zone with a soft brush or microfiber cloth and leave for a minute or two.
  • Don’t scrub because it’s abrasive to baking soda because it will crack the countertop’s paint. You clearly must allow the baking soda to soak and clean it away with a soft and humid tissue.

You should keep the baking soda paste for a few hours or overnight if it is such a stubborn stain.

Cleaning of Marble Countertops

The following tips are also applicable if you are searching for solutions to clean granite countertops on how to clean the kitchen countertop.

  • Warm water combined with gentle soap is enough to maintain a smooth polished marble or granite countertop.
  • Wipe with a towel with microfiber. Be sure you use non-acidic, non-abrasive cleaners. These materials appear to damage the sealing on the counter and are usable earlier.
  • Because of their longevity, marble and granite countertops are very common for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • If you are looking for ways to clean granite controllers to clean the kitchen floor, the following tips are also relevant.
  • Warm water in combination with gentle soap is sufficient to keep a clean marble or granite countertop.
  • Rinse with a microfiber towel. And sure that you use an acidic cleaner that is non-abrasive. These chemicals tend to damage the counter sealing and to be used earlier.
  • Marble and granite countertops are very popular in kitchens due to their durability.
Marble Countertops

Cleaning of Quartz Countertops

The following recommendations are also applicable if you’re searching for ways or clean granite controllers to clean the kitchen floor.

  • The sterile marble or granite countertop is supported by warm water in combination with gentle soap.
  • Rinse or a towel with a microfibre cloth. And you can certainly need an acidic, non-abrasive cleaner.
  • Because of their longevity, marble and granite countertops are popular in kitchens.
  • If you’re unsure whether your cleaning product is mild or non-abrasive, you don’t have to worry about quartz countertops. How to depth clean quartz countertops is a non-fuss operation, since it doesn’t affect most hard cleaning items
Quartz Countertop

You should easily go ahead and use some surface cleaner to disinfect quartz countertop stains. It is a big way to cope with hardships, and it does not ruin the countertop surface

Keep this guide handy to know how to clean kitchen countertops no matter how tough the stain or spill and keep your countertops gleaming clean like a pro. Contact Us for more information and also, read the Cost of new kitchen countertops.

Kitchens are the heart of your home, the spot where creativeness in the form of lovely meals comes to mind. Fortunately, we don’t have to think about choosing between aesthetic attractiveness and versatility anymore – the new kitchen embodies everything easily and thankfully. We offer all preferences with the most modern kitchen styles – eclectic or elegant, audacious and vivid, or monochromatic and delicate.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

1. An Aesthetic Delight

This classy contemporary neutral kitchen has modern hardware-free cabinets, exclusive breakfasts, and granite-style countertops, which add a magnificent layer of drama with swirly pattern backpacked tiles. The candlestick pendant is exquisite and storing the plastic cup is enjoyable.

An Aesthetic Delight

2. A Pop Of Colour Makes A Kitchen Look Modern

With a beautiful fresh blue steel hue and an exclusive curious yellow fridge, this small kitchen is clad. The exposed painted brick wall has a rustic charm. Also, the intelligent use of a semi-sheer ribbon rear wall is highly attributed to the fun, modern kitchen score.

A Pop of Color in Modern Kitchen
A Pop of Color in Modern Kitchen

3. Add modern shades to the kitchen

This kitchen is a course in planning a room for an open concept – from a matt blush cabinet with brilliant white ones to an open bottle shelf. A kitchen decoration showcases modernity to its fullest with its blend of open and covered storage cabinets and also the stunning character of the beautiful mosaic printed rear plaster.

Beautiful Shades in Kitchen

4. Vintage is the new modern kitchen

The kitchen, styled in the middle of the last century, is lovely with white wooden shelves and cabinets. Also, this uniquely fashioned kitchen is characterized by its smoothness of lattice doors, tiled underground walls, picturesque wood-capped stoves, and chandeliers. Thus, a vintage modular kitchen is a good idea.

Vintage Style kitchen

5. A bold modern kitchen

Clean straight lines without any suggestion of decoration, but the kitchen in black and yellow is striking and bold. There’s nothing complex here, but this kitchen scenario is not like any other because of the contrasts of opposite colors.

A Bold Kitchen

6. Stylish Kitchen Design

The ultra-modern cuisine is ideal for a small home in a cool hedge shade. It is convenient and lightweight with streamlined lines and high-deck storage. Also, the cylindrical light fittings are super streamlined and futuristic. They are minimalistic and modern thus, are a perfect contemporary kitchen design.

A stylish modern kitchen design
A stylish Kitchen


Thus, all of the mentioned kitchen designs are distinctive, and yet all of these contemporary design concepts combine beauty with a purpose to create an innovative and cozy, inviting environment. Maybe it’s time you’d swoon over the amazing new designs of the kitchen. After all, only a delicious meal will come from a beautiful kitchen. Tell us about your favorite kitchen style in the comment box. Contact us if you have any suggestions.

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When it comes to design your kitchen in a new home. You may choose to obey the trend and create your kitchen with a local carpenter, while on the other hand, you have the choice of hiring interior designers to prepare and construct a kitchen to meet your needs. There are advantages and disadvantages for both options, so you better consider both sides and decide on money if you spend. Therefore, we have gained our long experience in the industry to help you find the ultimate list of modular Kitchen versus carpenter kitchens.

Modular Kitchen

Modular is a term that is a design based on the participation of a module. Modules are nothing more but distinct entities that form a more complicated system. When we talk of a modular kitchen, it means a template for the kitchen, with individual storage cases, drawers, etc., together to make the kitchen easier to prepare. You have the option of various furniture types under one roof to pick a modular kitchen. Modular kitchens have minimal space throughout urban areas throughout the world today. A modular kitchen may also be a savor.

Modular Kitchens
Modular Kitchen

Benefits Of Modular Kitchen Vs Carpenter-Made Kitchen

1. Tailor-Made Kitchen Design

A modular kitchen allows you to plan your kitchen space accordingly. If you don’t have lower story cabinets because of pain in your knees, you might opt to have all the shelves on the higher end of the kitchen while you have old parents at home. In the kitchen or microwave unit, you may even require a laundry machine or both. You should only get the items made for your kitchen, in particular.

2. Modular Kitchens are the space saver kitchens

This is a modular kitchen’s most evident benefit. The new units are built to make the kitchen room compact and uncomplicated. In this way, you save a lot of room in the kitchen or get friends and relatives as you cook. In addition, modular kitchen designs make you, for your kitchen layout, play with various storage styles.

3. You can select themes in the modular kitchens

The choice of every interior style provides another great advantage of a modular kitchen. The kitchen portion, which does not relate to the rest of the interior, has a different subject. This enables you to play with various modular kitchen models. 

4. Easy to maintain

Modular kitchens are ideal for millennia of busier lives and little time to spare – from easy-to-clean to easy storage facilities. They require less maintenance.

Disadvantages of Modular Kitchens

Compared to carpenter-made kitchens, a modular kitchen can be a little costly. However, it’s not a real drag because the modular nature of the kitchen depends on the budget. You will then pick which choices for your budget plan you feel are preferred.

To fix stuff in a modular kitchen, skilled professionals and builders will be needed, so that you cannot get the support of any local carpenter. They require maintenance, especially for the surface materials and finishes. 

Carpenter-Made Kitchen

The kitchens built by carpenters are planned by and local carpenters. Yes, the construction of a carpenter’s kitchen is a longstanding tradition. This works mostly in small villages. These types of kitchens are not strictly designed but are constructed according to your perception and the skill of the carpenter.

Carpenter Made Kitchen

Benefits Of Carpenter-Made Kitchen

  1. You Can Be Your Kitchen Designer
  2. Can Be Cost-Effective

Disadvantages Of Carpenter-Made Kitchens over Modular Kitchens

  1. You are the construction boss, but in the kitchen design, you need to know everything. Now, particularly if you are new to it, it could be daunting and frustrating.
  2. Your carpenter kitchen design’s success is directly proportional to your carpenter’s knowledge. In a way, thus, you should be very careful when employing a carpenter, because the stuff could go haywire which could lead to poor construction, which would escalate the costs of the job.
  3. Carpentry-built kitchens are less effective than modular kitchens.


Thus, modular kitchens master the art of building lovely kitchens. They come with smart designs to solve kitchen problems and allow you to cook time. In addition, carpenter-made kitchens follow conventional approaches to home interiors that could be unsuitable for contemporary home designs.  So, choose wisely your kitchen style. You can contact us for more information. Also, read Organize your kitchen smartly with modular kitchen ideas.

Modular kitchens have become popular today and are the trending ones. Everyone knows that the trends get updated daily. Would you like to know the kitchen cabinet colors trending in 2021? You want to update your kitchen so we are here with the most trending kitchen cabinet colors for your modular kitchen cabinets.

We know that your kitchen has been one of your favorite areas. It gives you room to relate to your culinary talents, prepare a meal for your loved ones and recreate the favorite dish you missed while dining. The modular kitchen of your house is incomplete without the perfect colors of your kitchen cabinet. Read ahead to know the beautiful color schemes for the kitchen cabinets.

Beautiful ideas for kitchen cabinet colors

1. Rustic look will add the essence of nature to your modular kitchen

Rustic kitchens are a trademark of all times. The only way this modern generation is connected to nature, earthy and unsettled. Thus a rustic-style kitchen is for you if you are one of the young, energetic people and want your home to represent your temperament. Try the classic wooden finish kitchen to carry the rustic color scheme for kitchen cabinets because it gives you energy as you create the look.

Rustic looks for your kitchen

2. Chocolate color for kitchen cabinet

Chocolate and Cappuccino shades bring value to the interior spaces of your kitchen. Subtle, sophisticated, and everlasting. So consider colors like coffee, cappuccino, or a combination of both if you want to make a definitive statement to the kitchen. These colors give your kitchen interior a soothing but warm atmosphere.

Chocolate color for kitchen cabinet

3. Add elegance to your modular kitchen with teal colors for cabinets

If you like to make your kitchen more classy, consider teal and grey. Both shades have a soothing and elegant appearance in this arrangement. So if you’re a fan of the sleek and stylish kitchen, teal and grey kitchen cabinet colors will set a statement.

Teal and Grey

4. Pink And Blue

The pastel shades are a common choice for young urban residents. They look relaxed and expansive and elegant in your kitchen. So, pink and blue cabinets are well merged and provide a vibrant atmosphere. So, if you wonder which kitchen cabinet colors are trending? The pink and blue combination is a must-try.

Teal and white colors for kitchen cabinets
Pink and Blue Colors for your kitchen cabinets

5. Teal And White

White is an evergreen color. But the all-white color of kitchen cabinets can look slightly tedious and hard to keep. Try to combine it with neutral colors. Put together two of the trendiest colors, teal, and white. Because, these two colors have a calming atmosphere and perfectly contrast one another.

Teal and white


So, these were the trending color schemes for kitchen cabinets that will add charm to your kitchen. If you are overwhelmed or deprived of your choice, go to one of our experiential centers in your region. Contact us, our designers will take you through the concepts and help you select the right modular kitchen style for your home and budget seamlessly. Also, read Organize your kitchen smartly with these modular kitchen ideas.

The Indian kitchens are subjected to a regular job on our experiment with masalas and herbs, cutlery and vessels from various materials, and elaborate foods that we cook. Therefore, the cooking organization in our homes is a difficult task that is much more complicated when we prepare a variety of cuisines. The storage of utensils and foodstuffs is one of the largest peeves in India’s kitchens for most women. However, with the advent of a modular kitchen, the working has become quite smooth. Although you are smartly stored and even less bought, you still notice stuff going on to the countertop, the table, and even the sink.

Kitchen Ideas

The organization is the secret to staying healthy while delivering great meals for our relatives and friends every day. A big organization isn’t as difficult as it seems. It’s more than just disregarding and reaching everything. It means finding items, distinguishing necessary from occasional use, and prioritizing difficult jobs when you need them. This is all like that.

Smart Ideas for Modular Kitchen

1. Clean up the counters in the modular kitchen

There are kitchen counters on which everything is finished. It is the battlefield in which food is chopped, slashed, diced, blended, fried, and baked. Since such kitchen counters must be free and convenient to start work. It is good to see them clean and functional, but it also invites useless things, sometimes permanently, to be stored on. So, declutter the modular kitchen counters first. Please check the cost of kitchen countertops.

Kitchen Counter tops for modular kitchen

2. Kitchen Railings

Cooking counters are often bothered by things. If there are no cooked foods, then utensils always find their way there, spice bottles and unfinished cuts. Try kitchen guns that can carry your squares, spice bottles, and other cups if you want an empty countertop to work on or to simply make yourself glad in the room.

Kitchen railings for modular kitchen
Kitchen Railings

3. Segregation for utensils in Modular kitchen

Washing and drying utensils that are differentiated properly as per their purpose is easier. Plate and cup shelves, spoon holds, pan hangers are some ideas for the computer organized. This ensures that cooking materials and all that are important are located right next to the place where you cook and control. Thus, segregation is the masterstroke in the modular kitchen.

Dish holders

4. Pantry Storage Space in Modular Kitchen

Pantry storage used to be a separate space next to your kitchen for food grain storage and vegetables. When refrigerators were introduced, the size of the cupboard started to wind down. Thus, the food started to block kitchen counters more and more. The trick to increasing shelter in today’s modular kitchens is smart room use.

Pantry storage

5. Shelf And Drawer Storage

Small and large stages are designed for the eldest household pantries, which are uneasy and wasteful. Big vessels and cutlery can’t fit in and the room is more than necessary sometimes. Additional room can be provided in pantries with modern and trendy storage facilities with special drawer racks of various heights and storage baskets of different sizes. This keeps the material organized and creates the right spaces. Pull-off racks can also be customized according to your style and specifications with single-height, double-height racks.

Shelf and drawers are vital parts of a modular kitchen
Shelf and Drawers

6. Magic Corners and Kitchen Cabinets in Modular Kitchen

The kitchen cabinets are typically constructed depending on the design and the storage necessary. But there is no reason why they can only be used to store utensils and cupboards. There are many neglected or surplus areas in small or large modular kitchens. While it did not matter in older kitchens, every millimeter is critical today because of the lack of space. It’s a boon for magical corners. The space in the corner of the lower cabinets is used in modern modular kitchens. Magic corners help the rear of the cabinets access the space.

Magic corners are the boon for modular kitchen.
Magic Corners


Kitchen organization is not all about pushing stuff around and making space for comfort. It also involves a deeper understanding of how long-term, self-sustaining can be achieved. So, Use all or only a few of the above tips for a modular kitchen and stick to them daily, based on your functions. Contact us for any guidance and also, read kitchen design ideas for small spaces.

The kitchen is an important part of our home. So when we are thinking to design a new kitchen. We surely consider about Countertops because it is the main element in our kitchen. We can not imagine a kitchen without Countertop. For the cost of new kitchen Countertops, first, we need to understand the different types of countertops. These days as you know, there is much variety of material available in the market. So we need to need to know the details of some main materials.

We will also discuss about the popular countertop for the kitchen. When we think about the countertop, the first thing hit in our mind is the Strength & maintenance of the particular material. We also consider about the appearance because it also matters.


Countertops are an important part of a kitchen. There are different types of kitchen countertops and the cost of different kitchen countertops are different.
Kitchen Counter top

Cost of Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite is one of the famous natural stones worldwide. It is the best building material which is used for kitchen countertops, Washroom countertops, Vanities, etc. Granite is a durable material with both heat & scratch resistance. It comes in various colors & patterns. Some designs even resemble marble. Granite is not costly as marble. It comes at various prices.

Whether your style is modern or traditional, there is a granite countertop out there that will suit your kitchen area. So when it comes to countertop materials, Granite is always a good option. Granite Costing is not too high. It starts from 80/-rs. Square foot to 300/-rs. Square foot in India. If we talk about the United States it will cost you around 40/-$ to 60/-$. Thus granite countertop is an ideal material for the kitchen countertop at a low cost.


Granite is an easily available countertop material. The cost of granite countertop is less and it offer various advantages over other materials.
Granite Kitchen Countertop

Quartz Kitchen Countertop Price

In India quartz are getting more popular & trending Kitchen Countertops. There are few companies, Which are famous in Composite marble. We call it also engineered marble.

It comes in a lot of different shades & thicknesses. Quartz is low-maintenance, non-porous heat and scratch-resistant material with a radiant surface. It is also the most hygienic countertop for the home. Quartz is a very strong & super durable material with very low maintenance.

Materials like quartz are being designed to feel of natural stone, like granite & marble. This involves creating veins in interesting patterns. This added boost to your personality in your kitchen will wow. If you want something even more realistic; then no need for a polished piece.

For anyone who wants a granite countertop, it is worth to know about quartz counters as an alternative. Quartz has much of the same appearance as does natural stone, without stone’s unpredictability.

The cost of a quartz kitchen countertop is higher than Granite. It is not too much as Corian marble. Quartz kitchen countertop costs around 400/- per Square foot in India. In the USA, costing is around 60$ to 100$ per square foot for good brands. So if you are thinking to buy Countertop for the kitchen, Quartz is a very good option.


Quartz set out the statement and is the latest trend of kitchen counterop. The cost of quartz kitchen countertop is more than granite.
Quartz Countertop

The Non- Porous Corian Countertop Price

Before we talk about the price of Corian marble, We should know about the material and its pros and cons. Corian marble is mostly used for Commercial spaces. Corian is the brand name owned by Dupont. It is a homogeneous surface made of resins and minerals. It can be easily cut & sanded. We can give any shape to it. The main brands of Corian marble in India are LG and Samsung.

Corian falls in the category of solid surface material and is one of the trending kitchen countertops. This is Scratch-free material & very easy to maintain. Corian marble is very much famous for Commercial use because it is scratch-free & very low maintenance.

Corian does not support to grow bacteria’s. Most of the companies offer minimum 10 years of warranty. There are so many Colors & patterns in this material. So one can find a best option.

The cost of Corian Countertop material is much more than quartz and Granite. It cost goes around 700/- to 1400/- per square foot. In the USA, countertop cost around 45$ to 70$ depend upon the quality & finish.


The classy kitchen countertop- Corian Countertop
Corian Kitchen Countertop

Laminate Kitchen Countertop Price

The cost of Laminate Countertop is cheaper than other popular countertops. It is not so much durable like Granite & Quartz. Laminate Countertop is made of Paper or plastic layer and resin.

However Good quality laminate is durable, Waterproof and attractive. As you know it is not hard like other natural stone but still it is perfect for the low budget kitchen owners. Laminate has its limitations, but as long as you use it, you will be fine with the results.

Costing for laminate kitchen in india is around 75/- per square foot to 120/- per square foot. In USA, Laminate will cost you 20$ to 50$ per square foot.


Laminate countertops are the trending ones and adds charm to your kitchen.
Laminate Countertop

Concrete Countertop Price

As the name describe itself, Concrete is more popular in large Indoor and outdoor Kitchens. When added pigment, It will look more attractive and can be match with any theme.

This Countertop is hard and durable but it is also porous, So it needs to be properly sealed. Concrete Countertops can actually be very attractive and artistic.

Concrete Countertops are not cheap. the cost of concrete kitchen countertops is around 150/- per square foot to 250 per Square foot. In the USA, this countertop will cost you around 70$ to 150$ per Square foot.


The most unique and durable kitchen countertop. The cost of concrete kitchen countertop is not cheap.
Concrete Countertop

Cost of Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop

Stainless steel countertop is mostly used for commercial kitchens, But now the trend has changed. These Countertops are also finding their way into homes.

The benefits of Steel are obvious, As you know, It is durable, easy to clean, long life & low maintenance. And it is super easy to Install. So there are so many benefits of steel Countertops.

The cost of Stainless steel kitchen countertops is equal to Quartz. It cost you around 300/- per square foot to 450/- per square foot whereas in the USA, it costs around 75$ to 150$ including installation.

Now made their way to domestic kitchens, Stainless steel countertops are emerging as the trending countertop designs.
Stainless steel Kitchen Countertop

So these are different types of countertops and their prices. If you have any query regarding any countertop materials. Contact us.

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The kitchen is an essential part or we can say that it is the heart of the home. It has always been difficult to maintain all the items in a kitchen whether big or small. The kitchen needs to be managed and well-groomed. An ideal kitchen is that in which everything is managed in a small space. “Don’t think small, make things small.” and hence today we are going to discuss those ideas by which you can utilize the space of your small kitchen. So, without wasting any time let’s discuss the storage space ideas for a small kitchen.

Kitchen being an essential part of home require special attention. you will definitely like these storage space ideas if you have a small kitchen.
Small kitchen design

Long cabinet design – Small kitchen storage cabinet

In a small kitchen, we need long upper cabinets for more storage. If we look at the Standard kitchen, there is 2 feet height for upper cabinets, and the rest of the wall is vacant. So in a small kitchen, we have to use that vacant space above the cabinets. So we can go up to ceiling height for long cabinets and generate more storage. Thus using the long cabinet designs utilizing the vacant space will solve your storage space issue for a small kitchen.

kitchen corner cabinet – The perfect storage idea for a small kitchen

Corners are the dead space in the kitchen, So how we can use corners is the main point. As we know we have a small kitchen space. So our target is to make full use of corner space. Thus it would be a perfect storage idea for a small kitchen to use that space.

How can you use space in the corner, and make the most creative use of the blind space where the two counters meet? It’s not easy to reach right in to access the far corner, which means that anything stored there tends to get stuck and forgotten. But by using smart corner units, it’s possible to efficiently use the corners to maximum storage.

Corner fittings will be the best storage idea for a small kitchen

There are many Corner accessories available on the market. You can find the name of Magic Corner unit, S-Shaped Corner unit, Double corner pullout, Corner carousel, cargo man soft close, Universal magic corner, Hettich moving corner cargo series, Ebco corner carousel, etc.

There are many brands in the market which deliver these all corner fittings. All have different price ranges according to their brand name & quality of the product. Some major brands are Hettich, Hafele, Ebco, and Godrej, etc.

Tall Unit Cabinet

Tall units are more popular these days in Kitchen. It is more useful in Small kitchen spaces. If we talk about its design, They are designed to keep more quantities of food products in an organized way. Tall cabinets will range in height from 6 feet to 8 feet as one unit. Tall units take 18 inches to 24 inches of floor space. Depth can also vary from 18″ to 24″.

Microwave Unit

As you know Microwave Unit is the main electronic device in the kitchen. But there is one difficulty we face when we design the small kitchen space. Where we should place this Microwave unit?

There are a lot of ways to make space for a Microwave unit. We can place it above the counter, we can place it below the counter, We can place it along with upper storage or a separate shelf for it. We can also use corner space for that. thus a microwave unit can be a master idea for the storage space ideas for a small kitchen.

But the thing is that Which will be the best place for it. I personally suggest that you should go with the plan for your kitchen. It totally depends on the Kitchen space and design. I would also suggest do not place it above the counter because it takes your working space & also below the counter because it is difficult to use it at this height.

Sink Placement

In a small kitchen space, Sink is the main key to save space & give your kitchen the better look. Sink placement is more important in a small kitchen. you have to find the best way to place a sink in the kitchen.

So first I would suggest the use of dead space in the kitchen. Dead space means a corner or around the column. Thus, we can save the main working space of the kitchen.

Always place your sink close to a window or down the window. It is because on the window we can not give any storage space. Another benefit near the window is that of fresh airflow which helps to soak the sink & the smell can go out easily.

If your kitchen is adjoining the balcony, then I would suggest placing your kitchen on the balcony. It gives you a clean space in a small kitchen. No clutter, no need to clean again & again. It helps you a lot to maintain your kitchen.

Space above the Refrigerator – Ideal storage idea for a small kitchen

Refrigerator height is approx. 7 feet maximum. So there is space left above the refrigerator. We can use that space for storage and utilize it.

The unique storage idea- Opt for open shelves in the kitchen

The open shelf in the Small kitchen looks good. It also helps to keep some kitchen material like small boxes, Glass crockery, bottles, etc. We can use the open shelves for many purposes. Now the question is that Where would fix these shelves in the kitchen? These shelves can be fixed above the working countertop. It can be installed on the wall or can also be fixed in a corner space.

The Breakfast table for Kitchen

Breakfast table is now an important part of the modern kitchen. There is a vacant space below the breakfast counter, Which can be used for storage. Therefore, We can give drawers there, that can be easily used.

So these are the best small kitchen storage ideas. We hope you will be satisfied with our suggestions. If you have any queries related to Kitchen, you can contact us. We will definitely come to you with the solution.

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