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We, Design Space, are located Mohali, Punjab. We pride ourselves to deliver the best services to our customers such as interior and exterior designing, Residential designing, Commercial designing, Retail designing and Hospitality designing. We make sure that we match with the requirements of our clients and deliver the services accordingly. We never compromise with the quality as we know the value of it. Our proficiency towards our services have created a huge client base.

“If you think interior design is just about choosing fabrics and selecting colors,Wallpapers, think again.”



Residential Interior design -:

One of the biggest areas for designers is residential design or the interiors of spaces in which people live. This can include houses, apartments, condos, and anywhere else where people reside. The architect may build the house, but it’s the designer’s job to make it a home.

Commercial Interior design -:

Commercial Interior design refers to interior design in commercial spaces. It includes offices, retail stores, Clinic, Health club, restaurants, hotels, banquets and other public spaces. … Designers then work with the space to add furniture and decor to meet the original design goals.

What we do as Design Space in interior design, There are many things like in residential space, We do kitchen design , Washroom design, Bedroom design, Drawing & dinning area design, Furniture design & also do renovation work.

I just want to explain you everything in detail that what we do? Because mostly people do not know what is our Job and scope of work.

Our Services-:
  • Space Planning
  • Create Concept
  • False Ceiling Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Wall Designs
  • Furniture Designs
  • Color Scheme
  • Technical Drawings or Working Drawings
  • Material Selections
  • Finalize Contractors
  • Execution
Scope of Interior design Work -:
  • Civil Work -: Civil work is important when we do some changes in layout plan. We have to do Civil Changes,When we do renovation work.
  • Electrical Work -: In Electrical work, there are many things like Switch points, Ceiling lights, New switch boards according to layout plan, all lighting, AC provisions etc.
  • False Ceiling Work -: False Ceiling work is also important in interior design because gives our ceiling a new look or design.
  • Wall design -: Walls are the main part of Interior design work. How to design blank walls ? This is the main question for Interior designer.
  • Lighting design -: Lighting design for Ceiling & walls. Placement of lights, design of light, Voltage of light, Color of Light & Quality of light. These all things decided by Interior designer.
  • Storage Space design -: In every home, There is need of storage space. Storage space like Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets, Crockery Cabinets, Storage in Bed etc. So its designer responsibility to create maximum storage space as per Client’s Requirement.
  • Furniture Design -: Furniture designing is also the job for Interior designer. furniture like Double bed, Sofa set, Dinning table, Center table, Console, TV unit etc.
  • Paint & Polish Work -: Paint & polish work is also decided by Interior designer. Color Combination, Paint Quality, Polish shade & Quality, all these things are under the Interior design job.
  • Doors & windows -: Door & window design is also given by Interior designer. There are many materials in market for door & window design. So it is the job of designer to select the material.
  • Floor design -: Flooring is also very important for Interior design. If you have done all other things except flooring. I think that all are waste.
  • Curtain & Blind design -: Curtains & blinds play major role interior design. It is the finishing stage of Interior work.
  • Wallpaper & texture -: Selection of wallpapers & texture is equally important for Interior design.
  • Wall art & Painting -: Wall art & paintings are also decided by Interior designer.
  • Carpets & rugs -: Carpet & rugs are the soft furnishing items. It is selected by designer.


Interior Design an indoor environment is a huge responsibility for a professional. As an interior designer we must plan, research, coordinate, and manage these projects to obtain an adequately healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment for the people who use the space.

Design Space