How to design the Living room Wall

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Are you confused? How to decorate your Living room Wall. There are so many options these days so that it is not easy to make the right decision. Now the question is that What to do with Living room Wall. In Market you will find different kinds of material for Wall Decoration. But first of all, you should know there is a difference between decor & design. So if you are clear with this difference then you can understand “How to design the Living room Wall” & that is the Topic. So I will help you to find better ways to design your Living room Wall.

1. Living room wall decor ideas -:

We have so many options to design the Living room Wall. For this, First We should consider the Room Size Why I Said Room Size, It matters a lot for design any Space, It defines the area Where we have to work. It defines the other Elements in the room. It defines our vision for that area. So If your room is small, medium or large. you have to think about these criteria. In a small room, we can not deal with those materials Which are dark or feels heavy.

2. Living room designs Indian style -:

When we talk about Indian Style designs. It means we are talking about the Indian people, their Choices,their Life-style,their history,their environment. so there are so many factors Which creates Style. In India we used materials like Wood,Laminates,texture paint,Wallpapers,Designer sheets etc.There are design style like Traditional-Modern,Minimalist,Contemporary etc.

3. How to decorate large Wall in Living room-:

For Large Walls We should make the design Which utilized the height of wall. We can use materials like Fabric,Mirror, Murals, Large Painting, Collage, Wallpapers etc. It is not necessary to covered the whole area of Wall. We can decorate the Center area of Wall. Suppose We put large painting in the center and in sides we can give decorative mirror or Wall art. We should maintain the balance & proportion of particular wall.

4. Wall Design -:

The next Step is Material selection because of no material no design. It is a really confusing part these days because of a lot of different materials found in the market. There are materials like Wooden Panels, Tiles, Laminates, Designer sheets, 3d sheets, Wallpapers, Fabric panels, etc. So it’s better to select the material which suits your designing concept & budget.

5. Budget -:

Everyone has Concerned with Budget because there is no limit to spending money on interiors. So you should know how much you can spend on designing the Wall. Many people do not bother about the budget because they would have a lot of money. But If you are clear that I have to spend approx this money for this Wall then it will be easy for you to decide the materials & this is the basic thing for every design.

6. Design Concepts -:

It is the most important step for designing the Wall. Design Concept means you have to get the picture in your mind before the execution. Work will proceed with this direction. For design Concepts, you have to do little hard work. you can draw on paper so you can imagine that this space would be design like this or that way. It can be time-consuming but it is the major part of the design process.

So finally I would suggest that it’s better to explore things your own. It is the best way to do to learn & find new ideas. Hope you would like my suggestions. There are so many sites Where you will find a variety of images related to How to design the Living room Wall but it’s very difficult to implement any idea. So first you should clear all the points Which I mentioned above. I hope it would help you in making any decision. If you have any other questions related to this topic, Please Write to us in the Comment section. We would be pleased to give all reply.

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