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Kothi Design

If you’re thinking about revamping your living space, then enlisting the help of an interior designer could very well be the solution you need. If you find yourself struggling to create a livable area or desire to revamp your current home decor, consider the expertise of skilled interior designers and decorators. Irrespective of whether you dwell in a colossal 10-room mansion or a compact 3-room apartment, turning it into a warm and welcoming abode requires a harmonious presentation that mirrors your unique flair. Professional interior design firms are equipped with the competence and proficiency to guide you on crucial factors that span the gamut from creating an ambience that cultivates positivity to optimizing flow for maximum functionality.

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Had great experience working with kapil. He listened to our requirements and provided us good designs and the end results were amazing. Loved the interiors of my new home.. Thanks for making our home lively.

Overall it was a great experience. Kapil was involved from the beginning right from the designing phase. We overall liked the layout. Everything came out really well and very close to the layout and was well appreciated by others. I faced few issues while coordinating in the end near festive season when he had to meet other commitments as well. He has a good taste and styling and with a proper teaming and staffing he can definitely grow manifold. All the best!

Recently I got three rooms of my house renovated through Kapil and the work he did was exceptionally phenomenal. He is a creative, professional and extremely reliable architect,who transformed my space beautifully in a very short duration.

Thank you for such a lovely interior decoration. The whole theme, designs, and color combinations are absolutely fantastic. Thanks team design space for helping me accomplish my goal. Good luck for future assignments …

Thoroughly professional and I am in awe of his design abilities and seamless coordination skills. Value for money.


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