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The kitchen is an important part of our home. So when we are thinking to design a new kitchen. We surely consider about Countertops because it is the main element in our kitchen. We can not imagine a kitchen without Countertop. For the cost of new kitchen Countertops, first, we need to understand the different types of countertops. These days as you know, there is much variety of material available in the market. So we need to need to know the details of some main materials.

We will also discuss about the popular countertop for the kitchen. When we think about the countertop, the first thing hit in our mind is the Strength & maintenance of the particular material. We also consider about the appearance because it also matters.


Countertops are an important part of a kitchen. There are different types of kitchen countertops and the cost of different kitchen countertops are different.
Kitchen Counter top

Cost of Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite is one of the famous natural stones worldwide. It is the best building material which is used for kitchen countertops, Washroom countertops, Vanities, etc. Granite is a durable material with both heat & scratch resistance. It comes in various colors & patterns. Some designs even resemble marble. Granite is not costly as marble. It comes at various prices.

Whether your style is modern or traditional, there is a granite countertop out there that will suit your kitchen area. So when it comes to countertop materials, Granite is always a good option. Granite Costing is not too high. It starts from 80/-rs. Square foot to 300/-rs. Square foot in India. If we talk about the United States it will cost you around 40/-$ to 60/-$. Thus granite countertop is an ideal material for the kitchen countertop at a low cost.


Granite is an easily available countertop material. The cost of granite countertop is less and it offer various advantages over other materials.
Granite Kitchen Countertop

Quartz Kitchen Countertop Price

In India quartz are getting more popular & trending Kitchen Countertops. There are few companies, Which are famous in Composite marble. We call it also engineered marble.

It comes in a lot of different shades & thicknesses. Quartz is low-maintenance, non-porous heat and scratch-resistant material with a radiant surface. It is also the most hygienic countertop for the home. Quartz is a very strong & super durable material with very low maintenance.

Materials like quartz are being designed to feel of natural stone, like granite & marble. This involves creating veins in interesting patterns. This added boost to your personality in your kitchen will wow. If you want something even more realistic; then no need for a polished piece.

For anyone who wants a granite countertop, it is worth to know about quartz counters as an alternative. Quartz has much of the same appearance as does natural stone, without stone’s unpredictability.

The cost of a quartz kitchen countertop is higher than Granite. It is not too much as Corian marble. Quartz kitchen countertop costs around 400/- per Square foot in India. In the USA, costing is around 60$ to 100$ per square foot for good brands. So if you are thinking to buy Countertop for the kitchen, Quartz is a very good option.


Quartz set out the statement and is the latest trend of kitchen counterop. The cost of quartz kitchen countertop is more than granite.
Quartz Countertop

The Non- Porous Corian Countertop Price

Before we talk about the price of Corian marble, We should know about the material and its pros and cons. Corian marble is mostly used for Commercial spaces. Corian is the brand name owned by Dupont. It is a homogeneous surface made of resins and minerals. It can be easily cut & sanded. We can give any shape to it. The main brands of Corian marble in India are LG and Samsung.

Corian falls in the category of solid surface material and is one of the trending kitchen countertops. This is Scratch-free material & very easy to maintain. Corian marble is very much famous for Commercial use because it is scratch-free & very low maintenance.

Corian does not support to grow bacteria’s. Most of the companies offer minimum 10 years of warranty. There are so many Colors & patterns in this material. So one can find a best option.

The cost of Corian Countertop material is much more than quartz and Granite. It cost goes around 700/- to 1400/- per square foot. In the USA, countertop cost around 45$ to 70$ depend upon the quality & finish.


The classy kitchen countertop- Corian Countertop
Corian Kitchen Countertop

Laminate Kitchen Countertop Price

The cost of Laminate Countertop is cheaper than other popular countertops. It is not so much durable like Granite & Quartz. Laminate Countertop is made of Paper or plastic layer and resin.

However Good quality laminate is durable, Waterproof and attractive. As you know it is not hard like other natural stone but still it is perfect for the low budget kitchen owners. Laminate has its limitations, but as long as you use it, you will be fine with the results.

Costing for laminate kitchen in india is around 75/- per square foot to 120/- per square foot. In USA, Laminate will cost you 20$ to 50$ per square foot.


Laminate countertops are the trending ones and adds charm to your kitchen.
Laminate Countertop

Concrete Countertop Price

As the name describe itself, Concrete is more popular in large Indoor and outdoor Kitchens. When added pigment, It will look more attractive and can be match with any theme.

This Countertop is hard and durable but it is also porous, So it needs to be properly sealed. Concrete Countertops can actually be very attractive and artistic.

Concrete Countertops are not cheap. the cost of concrete kitchen countertops is around 150/- per square foot to 250 per Square foot. In the USA, this countertop will cost you around 70$ to 150$ per Square foot.


The most unique and durable kitchen countertop. The cost of concrete kitchen countertop is not cheap.
Concrete Countertop

Cost of Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop

Stainless steel countertop is mostly used for commercial kitchens, But now the trend has changed. These Countertops are also finding their way into homes.

The benefits of Steel are obvious, As you know, It is durable, easy to clean, long life & low maintenance. And it is super easy to Install. So there are so many benefits of steel Countertops.

The cost of Stainless steel kitchen countertops is equal to Quartz. It cost you around 300/- per square foot to 450/- per square foot whereas in the USA, it costs around 75$ to 150$ including installation.

Now made their way to domestic kitchens, Stainless steel countertops are emerging as the trending countertop designs.
Stainless steel Kitchen Countertop

So these are different types of countertops and their prices. If you have any query regarding any countertop materials. Contact us.

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