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When we think of home renovation, the first thing that concerns us is the cost. You have to accomplish this task without disturbing the budget. Several factors are there on which the cost of home renovation depends. It may be a construction site, area to be renovated because it depends on charges per square foot, Labor wages, duration of the project, and many more.

Renovation is not a small word, because it includes many things. So if you are clear with the concept that how much you want, then it is easier to make a further plan of renovation whether you want a complete renovation or partial renovation. with the help of this, you will get a fair idea of renovation prices for the desired space.

As already mentioned, budget is the first concern. You have to stick to your budget no matter what because slight flexibility can disturb the whole scenario. Thus, one should always make the renovation plan according to their budget. We will have a detailed discussion about the cost of home renovation, what are the factors that affect the pricing and how can you calculate the budget for home renovation.

Here we are providing the Costing idea for the different areas of your home to make your budget making easy. Keep reading to know those ideas.

Cost of home renovation depends on the area, labor required and the duration of the project.
cost of home renovation

How Bathroom Remodeling affects the cost of home renovation?

When we talk about the Bathroom then we think about three things mainly: the tiles, the sanitary fittings, and the basin & mirror. But the bathroom includes other things too which are vanity, blinds, glass, etc. So you have to consider all these things while budgeting for bathroom renovation. Also, you have to take care of quality which must be the priority. Generally, the price of renovation of the economical bathroom with the standard size around 80,000/- to 2,50,000/- that is around $1500 to $4000.


The bathroom consists of a number of accessories affecting the home-renovation cost.
Bathroom Remodeling

Cost of Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is an essential part of every home and so does its renovation. Therefore, you have to take care of numerous things while renovating your kitchen. The kitchen contains a lot of work and materials like Countertop, Tiling, Sink, Plyboard, Laminate, Veneer, Wood or PVC sheet, Hardware and accessories, Chimney and Hob, etc. There are plenty of things assembled in a small place. You have to take all the above-mentioned materials into consideration before making a budget for kitchen renovation. Please check, the cost of the new kitchen Countertops to get an estimate about the cost. Generally, the average cost of kitchen remodeling will around 1400/- per square foot to 4000/- per square foot, depending upon the materials that are, $30 to $100 per square foot.


Kitchen being the important part of home hugely impacts the pricing of home renovation as it includes different accessories which are costly.
Kitchen Renovation

Lower the cost of home renovation with Bedroom Renovation

A bedroom is a special place for all of us and we want it to be comfortable and beautiful. The cost of bedroom renovation totally relies upon the design & materials for space. Mainly there are few things like Ceiling, Lighting, Wardrobe, TV unit, Paneling, Bed, Paint, Wallpaper, Artwork, etc. So these are the main works for bedroom space. Thus for the estimation of pricing of bedroom remodeling you need to consider the cost of all these things and materials. Generally, the average cost of bedroom remodeling goes around 1000/- to 5000/- per square foot that is $20 to $70 per square foot.


Bedroom the important part of any home. Once in a lifetime everyone renovates their bedroom and thus it makes a drastic contribution in the home renovation.
cost of bedroom remodeling

Living Room Remodeling Cost

The living room is the main focal area in the home. Everyone wants to make it to be fascinating. When we think of a design for the living area, it should be very welcoming and attractive. It also needs to be very comfortable & functional. So there are many different design styles for the Living room walls.

But, if we talk about the cost of Living room remodeling, We need to consider costing some elements like Furniture, Ceiling, Lighting, Curtains, Wall art, rugs, etc. An average costing for living area design is a minimum of 2000/- per square foot to 5000/- per square foot. In dollars, it goes around $30 to $100 per square foot.

Living room reflects the persona of the owner and thus it requires great attention.
living room remodeling

So here we discussed many things which affect the home renovation pricing in India. We also discussed the approx. estimation for different areas of the house. If you have any query related to the Cost of home renovation, you can ask us via email or Contact Us. Also check, Interior design pricing packages if you want to get your interior design done by professionals at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the average cost of home renovation?

A. It depends on how much area you want to renovate because the cost of home renovation varies according to per square foot, the labor charges, and the duration of the project.

Q. Can I chose my own material for renovation?

A. Yes, If you choose a particular material in place of what we have, you can decide to pay for it yourself in which case we can subtract it from the cost of the goods we supply. 

Q. How do I pay for the services?

A. You can pay via checks, credit cards, bank transfers, or Paypal.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. Simply fill the contact form below, or you can call us or mail us.


It is the big question for every client,What would be interior work cost. This is the first question arise in mind when we talk about interior design.First question asked to designer,What should be the total cost of project. Actually It happened because its difficult for client to get the estimate for interior work.They are not clear with the interior concept,material cost,labor cost & other expenses.So when they hire an Interior designer,their first question is that How much interior design cost. It is very important part of the entire process.I would say all interior work depend upon Budget,because it will clear all the picture for design any space. No one can do work without estimate or budget.Interior designer only can do his job when he would knew the budget.

How to calculate the design cost

It is important to get the interior design cost for client and interior designer. So how designer calculate any interior work estimate.There is no fixed guidelines for calculate the budget. There are so many work includes in interiors like Ceiling,flooring,wooden work,tile work,sanitary work,wall paneling, Paint work,electrical work,lighting,furniture,soft furnishing & so many others work. Now what interior designer mostly do,they give the average square feet rates to client for rough budget. It could be around 1000/- to 3000/- square feet for whole area.

 Interior works to get the budget

When calculating the cost to budget for a home, keep in mind these Works -:

  • Woodwork- kitchen, wardrobes,LCD unit,wall paneling,partition,doors,console,shoe rack etc.
  • False ceiling work
  • Electrical – lights, fans, geysers, additional wiring and plugs.
  • Furniture- Double bed,Sofa set,chairs,Center table etc.
  • Soft furnishing – curtains, curtain rods and any accent cushions for your existing furniture
  • Painting work- this is a must as the walls get dirty during the course of woodwork etc.
  • Labor cost – there is labor cost include for every work we execute on the site.
  • Pest control

As we above discussed about the interior works,Now we describe the materials for Interior design.

What type of style used for interiors

You should very well know how much money you will need to make your home beautiful. There are different styles in interiors.It will matter a lot which style you used for design,because if you go for contemporary or modern design it would cot you more rather than vintage or traditional style.When you select your theme or style for interiors then next step is material.

This will help you prepare for the budget in advance and decide whether you want to go for a full-fledged Interior Design or not. 

The cost of Interior Design depends on a lot of factors, such as the quality of the Furniture, quantity & quality of materials,wall paint and wood polish, quality of fabric you use for sofas and curtains, light fixtures and many other things.

So, it is not easy to finalize the cost of Interior Design without having the full specifications and requirements on hand.

However, there are certain thumb rules you can apply to decide on the Interior Design cost of your space.

We’ve completed a number of projects interiors by now from lower to moderate to high-end budgets. So we have pretty good idea of cost for designing & executing any space.

Average per square feet cost
  1. Interior Design Estimate (Low Budget) = 1000 to 1500 Rs./Sq. Ft. for the carpet area of your home.
  2. Interior Design Estimate (Moderate Budget) = 1500 to 2500 Rs./Sq. Ft. for the carpet area of your home.
  3. Interior Design Estimate (High-end Budget) = 2000 to 3000 Rs./Sq. Ft. for the carpet area of your home.
Lump sum interior cost

There are many things in interiors for which we get the lump sum amount.Some items which can be moved like sofa set,dinning table,center table,wall painting,wall art,decoration pieces,finished sheets & so many other things which are not customized.So for all those things we can have lump sum estimate. Generally all components, which can be moved are calculated on a lump sum bases. Few examples of such components are movable furniture such as center table, dining table, sofa sets, kid beds, etc. There are also a number of smaller components like side tables, chairs, small cabinets etc. which are typically charged lump sum.

Although sofa and beds maybe charged as lump sum, the cost is still calculated on basis of the running feet and size – You can ask your interior designer for a break up for the same to understand the costing. But by and large you will be quoted a lump sum price for it.

Lack of Interior design knowledge

I think most of the people are not aware about interior design. They do not know the exact term. They do not know the difference between an Architect or an Interior designer. They do not know the difference between Interior designer and decorators. They do not know the scope of work for interior designer. They are not clear with what an interior designer do.They also do not have too much knowledge about the materials.so how they can calculate the interior design cost.

So I will suggest everyone who would like to get interior design cost for any project.One should get some basic knowledge about interior design subject.They can get all their answer from google.If they have some basic idea what is an interior design,then they would understand their requirements,their choice and then they can create some picture in mind that what they really want in interiors.

I hope you would like this article.If have any doubt or any queries about this subject.you can ask me i comment. I would be happy to give your answers.

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