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This world is an amalgamation of colors. Colors can change your mood in a second. But when it is about the paint color for your bedroom you need to be more specific. Why? Because the bedroom is a place where you open your eyes first. What if the color of your walls is monotonous? Sound poor? Don’t worry we have helped you with the bedroom flooring ideas and living room wall design. Thus, we will also help you in selecting the perfect paint color for your bedroom. So, get ready to know those colors that can spice up the look of your bedroom and also your day.

The Lighter shades For your Bedroom
The Lighter shades For your Bedroom

The Lighter Bedroom Wall Paint Color

1. The Blue Escape Paint color for your bedroom

Everyone loves the blue. Also, we live under the blue umbrella. You got it right. We are talking about the sky. Thus, blue escape color is the perfect choice of paint color for your bedroom. Color your bedroom with the blue color of nature and get yourself lost in the majestic world of skies.

Blue Escape
The Blue Escape

2. The Purple Dream paint for your bedroom

The next color on the list is the purple dream. The lighter colors can brighten up the mood. Also, we all love the purple flowers and they can lift the mood. Thus, starting your day by looking at the purple dream wall of your bedroom can boost up your mood by 90%. You can accessorize the wall accordingly.

The Purple Dream Bedroom
The Purple Dream Bedroom

3. Vivid Green Paint Color for your bedroom

If you’re looking for a sleep oasis, green is your best bedroom color choice. Green represents nature, calmness, freshness, relaxing, growth, fertility, safety, money, and endurance. Thus, if you choose vivid green paint color for your bedroom, then you can feel the essence of nature in your bedroom.

Vivid Green Paint Color for Your Bedroom

4. Cream dream Color

A lot of light colors are used in the beautifully relaxing bedroom. All of the oak furniture and the warm bedding complement the cream walls. For a country house or even a guest house near a pool, this would be an ideal bedroom configuration. All of the colors work well together. Thus a cream dream color is the perfect choice of wall painting color for your bedroom if you are more into lighter shades. A similar shade you can try is grey.

Dreamy Cream Color Bedroom Walls
Dreamy Cream Color Bedroom Walls

The Brighter Shades for your Bedroom

1. Wine your bedroom a little

We are not asking you to prepare a glass of wine and spill it on the walls of your bedroom. But you can complement the walls of your bedroom with the beautiful wine color. One of the most popular brighter shades and the perfect paint color fr your bedroom. Similar shades you can try are Tang and Maroon.

Wine Color Bedroom Walls
Wine Color Bedroom Walls

2. The Intense Emerald

We suggest you go with this one even if you don’t like the brighter shades. It is neither too mild nor too bright. But this one will add charm to your room. the color that can change your mood in a microsecond. Even you will inspire others too if you opt for this beautiful paint color for your bedroom.

The Intense Emerald For Bedroom wall

3. The Starless Night- Indigo

The darkest shade of blue, like a starless night sky, looks enigmatic and almost magical. However, the true magic of this saturated hue is its ability to visually recede the walls, making a small space appear larger. Thus, this paint color can create magic. You can also try similar shades like Magic Nights and Starless Nights.

The Indigo Colored Wall for bedroom


These were the 7 beautiful paint color ideas for your bedroom. Which one do you like? Tell us in the comment section and if you can also give your valuable suggestions in the comment box below. We respect your views and always welcome them. Also, Keep exploring our blog section and contact us for more information.

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