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Study Rooms have become so common these days. Days are gone when children used to sit on the terrace or under the tree for studying. With the increasing competition, the students have also increased their focus on studies. Be it an academic exam or an exam for a government job. No one can clear it without focus. To increase focus, the environment needs to be subtler and beautiful. Because a clear mind can have all the concepts clear. Therefore, the trend of study room design ideas came into being. With time it evolved and takes various forms. A lot of modifications have been done to a normal study room today.

Moreover, some people like to be the interior design of their children’s study room to be done by the professionals as they do for bedroom interior and living room interior. Here are the exciting and inspiring study room design and decoration ideas that will keep your focus increased like Arjuna during your studies.

Best Study Room Decoration Ideas

Before learning the study room decoration ideas let’s talk about what kind of room should be selected for the study room. Keep these points in mind:

  • Select the room with less foot traffic
  • Select the soothing shade to increase focus.
  • Away from noisy areas
  • Invest in best quality desk and chairs
  • Keep it clutter-free

1. Go Subtle With This Study Room Design Idea For Small Space

What we expect from the study room is a calming and noiseless environment. Because it is the place where you have to do homework, worksheets, projects, and many more. Thus, study room design in this way will be ideal. For study room design for small space mix earthy and white tones. Attach the study table with the TV unit. This will make it look functional as well as saves space. Invest in a light-colored wooden desk and chair for more elegance and focus.

2. A Blue And White Study Room Giving The Vibes Of Ocean

Imbibe the calmness of the ocean with this perfect color combination. The ocean is always calm and composed and so does this color combination. These study room design ideas can be used for small as well as large spaces. Place the table beside the wall. And also don’t forget to add inspiring quotes and some beautiful and knowledgeable pictures. No idea can be better than hanging the information about the subject you like as this will reflect your personality and maintain a beautiful aura.

3. A Breezy Study Room With Mint Green Decoration Units

Just thinking about this can give you goosebumps.  Select the corner room of the home that is connected to the garden or with any greenery. The calm and cool breeze will not only refresh your mood but will also increase your focus. Go for min green colored decoration for the study room. You can also add potted plants to make them more elegant. Put on some of your artwork or projects to make you feel happy about your achievements and how far you have come.

4. Biophilic Study Room Design And Decoration Idea

The decoration of your study room naturally is a fantastic idea as biophilic components provide natural tranquility that makes the place refreshing and makes it more productive. Therefore, green design features become a key design element in the design of the workplace. Whether it is plants, real grass walls, or even artificial green components, the presence of biophilic materials is relaxing and comforting. The interior design of this study room for small spaces exploits this biophilia aspect to create a natural sanctuary for children.

5. All White

When in doubt go for white. If you don’t like it, you can amend it later. Try mixing rustic elements with the contemporary all-white study room design ideas and laminated table and chair with wooden legs. Use some textile elements to make it look more outlined. This room decoration idea is for creative people. You can also design a study room with a bed.


In the end, we can say that study rooms are quintessential requirements. Thus, everything needs to be done precisely. Do consider these study room design and decoration ideas next time. Contact us for more interior design ideas.

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