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The kitchen is an essential part or we can say that it is the heart of the home. It has always been difficult to maintain all the items in a kitchen whether big or small. The kitchen needs to be managed and well-groomed. An ideal kitchen is that in which everything is managed in a small space. “Don’t think small, make things small.” and hence today we are going to discuss those ideas by which you can utilize the space of your small kitchen. So, without wasting any time let’s discuss the storage space ideas for a small kitchen.

Kitchen being an essential part of home require special attention. you will definitely like these storage space ideas if you have a small kitchen.
Small kitchen design

Long cabinet design – Small kitchen storage cabinet

In a small kitchen, we need long upper cabinets for more storage. If we look at the Standard kitchen, there is 2 feet height for upper cabinets, and the rest of the wall is vacant. So in a small kitchen, we have to use that vacant space above the cabinets. So we can go up to ceiling height for long cabinets and generate more storage. Thus using the long cabinet designs utilizing the vacant space will solve your storage space issue for a small kitchen.

kitchen corner cabinet – The perfect storage idea for a small kitchen

Corners are the dead space in the kitchen, So how we can use corners is the main point. As we know we have a small kitchen space. So our target is to make full use of corner space. Thus it would be a perfect storage idea for a small kitchen to use that space.

How can you use space in the corner, and make the most creative use of the blind space where the two counters meet? It’s not easy to reach right in to access the far corner, which means that anything stored there tends to get stuck and forgotten. But by using smart corner units, it’s possible to efficiently use the corners to maximum storage.

Corner fittings will be the best storage idea for a small kitchen

There are many Corner accessories available on the market. You can find the name of Magic Corner unit, S-Shaped Corner unit, Double corner pullout, Corner carousel, cargo man soft close, Universal magic corner, Hettich moving corner cargo series, Ebco corner carousel, etc.

There are many brands in the market which deliver these all corner fittings. All have different price ranges according to their brand name & quality of the product. Some major brands are Hettich, Hafele, Ebco, and Godrej, etc.

Tall Unit Cabinet

Tall units are more popular these days in Kitchen. It is more useful in Small kitchen spaces. If we talk about its design, They are designed to keep more quantities of food products in an organized way. Tall cabinets will range in height from 6 feet to 8 feet as one unit. Tall units take 18 inches to 24 inches of floor space. Depth can also vary from 18″ to 24″.

Microwave Unit

As you know Microwave Unit is the main electronic device in the kitchen. But there is one difficulty we face when we design the small kitchen space. Where we should place this Microwave unit?

There are a lot of ways to make space for a Microwave unit. We can place it above the counter, we can place it below the counter, We can place it along with upper storage or a separate shelf for it. We can also use corner space for that. thus a microwave unit can be a master idea for the storage space ideas for a small kitchen.

But the thing is that Which will be the best place for it. I personally suggest that you should go with the plan for your kitchen. It totally depends on the Kitchen space and design. I would also suggest do not place it above the counter because it takes your working space & also below the counter because it is difficult to use it at this height.

Sink Placement

In a small kitchen space, Sink is the main key to save space & give your kitchen the better look. Sink placement is more important in a small kitchen. you have to find the best way to place a sink in the kitchen.

So first I would suggest the use of dead space in the kitchen. Dead space means a corner or around the column. Thus, we can save the main working space of the kitchen.

Always place your sink close to a window or down the window. It is because on the window we can not give any storage space. Another benefit near the window is that of fresh airflow which helps to soak the sink & the smell can go out easily.

If your kitchen is adjoining the balcony, then I would suggest placing your kitchen on the balcony. It gives you a clean space in a small kitchen. No clutter, no need to clean again & again. It helps you a lot to maintain your kitchen.

Space above the Refrigerator – Ideal storage idea for a small kitchen

Refrigerator height is approx. 7 feet maximum. So there is space left above the refrigerator. We can use that space for storage and utilize it.

The unique storage idea- Opt for open shelves in the kitchen

The open shelf in the Small kitchen looks good. It also helps to keep some kitchen material like small boxes, Glass crockery, bottles, etc. We can use the open shelves for many purposes. Now the question is that Where would fix these shelves in the kitchen? These shelves can be fixed above the working countertop. It can be installed on the wall or can also be fixed in a corner space.

The Breakfast table for Kitchen

Breakfast table is now an important part of the modern kitchen. There is a vacant space below the breakfast counter, Which can be used for storage. Therefore, We can give drawers there, that can be easily used.

So these are the best small kitchen storage ideas. We hope you will be satisfied with our suggestions. If you have any queries related to Kitchen, you can contact us. We will definitely come to you with the solution.

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