2 kanal house for Mr. Harinder Singh


3bhk Apartment for Mr. Rajesh Arora

5 BHK apartment for Mr. Sangwan


Your design brief

Start with a free Style Quiz, answer a few questions about your room. Pay one flat fee to launch your online interior design project.

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Interior designers compete to win your project with inspiration boards – colours, textures, furniture and homewares to match your style.

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Design online in three easy steps

Your design brief

We’ll start with a free Style Quiz to determine your room’s personality, then we’ll launch your interior design project online for a flat fee based on what you say about your room.

Get inspiration

You will be able to see inspiration boards made by interior designers competing for your project – colours, textures, furniture, and homewares that match the style of your home.

Create your dream space

The website is an easy-to-use platform where you can collaborate with your favourite designer to come up with a Design Concept, Shopping List, and Set Up Guide for your next project.

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